New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The Hindu festival of Navratri started today on October 17. The nine-day festival is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. Sharad Navratri marked its way today on 17th October and will end on 25th October this year. During thhis period, people worship different avatars of Goddess Durga and they observe fast and perform puja. And, if you are looking for an opportunity to lose weight and are searching for the right diet plan during Navratri, we have got it covered for you. Devotees celebrate this festival for 9 days in a grand way. Fasting is considered a good way to get back in shape and detox your body as well as lose weight, while it can have side effects if not done the right way.

Diet tips for Navratri 2020:

1. Prepare a Diet Chart in hand before fasting

If you are going to fast for 9 days, prepare a diet chart beforehand so that you can easily calculate the daily calories, all vital nutrients such as carbs, proteins, fats and fibre. While breaking fast, people tend to eat oily and fatty foods that are not good for health so try to avoid it.

2. Have small meals

Do not skip a meal! That's the rule to lose weight as having 3-4 small meals in a day can maintain the glucose level in the body and that will help you to maintain your energy all day.

3. Hydrate yourself

Staying hydrated is the most important step and not just water try having healthy fluids like coconut water, lime water, and vegetable juices in order to keep your body hydrated and it will help in detoxification too.

4. Go for healthy snacks

During Navratri, people eat various snacks that are not good for health like poori and pakodas but you better avoid that. Instead, go for sabooddana khichdi, bhel, chanas, makhana as it is better for your system.

5. Lower the intake of tea and coffee

Caffeine must be avoided as it makes a person dehydrated and also depletes nutrition from the process of digestion in the body.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma