New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: In India, we celebrate National Nutrition Week from September 1 to September 7 every year to make people aware of a balanced diet with all necessary nutrients. National Nutrition Week was first observed in 1982 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development's Food and Nutrition Board.

So as you observe National Nutrition Week, we would like to discuss today how you can eat healthy as the coronavirus crisis has made us all vulnerable to the deadly infection. So here are some tips on how to keep yourself healthy and fit amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic:

1. Try to eat a protein-rich food. Start including pulses, low-fat milk, eggs, lean meat, poultry and milk products in your diet to have a sufficient amount of protein.

2. You should eat local and traditional. By eating local, we mean that you eat according to the weather as it can ensure diversity in your diet.

3. Always hydrate your body. Drink plenty of water with added sugar as it can help you observe nutrients and cushions your joints in addition to other benefits.

4. Avoid eating food that comes in packet as they contain added sugar and preservatives that can harm your health in a lot of ways.   

5. You should practice portion control and you can have all your favourite foods, meeting your personalised daily targets.    

6. You also need to consume a lot of fruits and green vegetables regularly as they can provide you with a lot of nutrients and optimum fibre.

7. You also need to control the consumption of simple sweeteners like refined sugar, jaggery and honey. 

8. You should also consume more and more fishes as they have essential nutrients and vitamins like amino acids that can help us physically and mentally.

9. While you are dining out, you should always control your food habits and eat according to your diet. Focus on consuming less sugary substances and eat low-calorie food.

10. You should eat more and more species and herbs as they can provide you with a lot of good and essential nutrients and can help you reduce bad cholesterol. 

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma