New Delhi | Jagran Health Desk: Nutrition Week is celebrated from September 1 to September 7 to spread knowledge about Nutrition and its importance for the human body, after the Food and Nutrition Board launched it in 1982. According to a report published in 2017, globally, 1 in 5 men die of poor diet. The figures brought an alarming situation to manage a balanced diet for every citizen. To remain healthy, energetic and better immune system, you can replace your regular diet plan with a nutritious diet plan.

Breakfast: Begin your morning with a hot bowl of oatmeal, add some dry nuts and fresh fruits to it. This high fiber meal will give an energetic beginning to your day. If you crave for Tea and Coffee in the morning, then, take one small cup of tea or coffee made up of soymilk with brown sugar.

Mid-Morning Meal: This meal should be a healthy and nutritious one as this is the perfect time when your body gets enough energy to break down the cellulose and strengthen you from inside. This meal also gives your body enough time to digest heavy fats. You can have bread, boiled eggs, fish, grilled vegetables with some shakes or juices.

Lunch: It is another important meal of the day because it includes both vegetables and flour in the meal and it is extremely nutritious. Although people skip this meal to ensure their consistent weight but it is undoubtedly a foolish idea to do so. Skipping a meal is the most dangerous step for anyone’s health. One should take a proper, Totila, vegetables, rice and pulses loaded meal at this time. One can include a fresh vegetable salad with this meal.

Evening Tea/snacks: Generally, people felt hungry in the evening hours so they usually take a tea break for that. But, the consumption of tea is not nutritious for the human body. So, you can replace your evening tea with soups, juices, or fruits. You can replace fried snacks with baked and boiled vegetables and cereals.

Dinner: It should be the lightest meal of the day. People should not take any heavy meal after 8 pm, otherwise, it does not get digested in the meantime and harm your body. Take boiled vegetables and bread in this meal.

Posted By: Srishti Goel