New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: 17th November is observed as National Epilepsy Day in India. The day aims at spreading awareness about the disease. Epilepsy is a medical condition where brain suffers from untimely seizures and fits.

As described by WHO, Epilepsy is a "chronic non-communicable disease of the brain which is characterized by recurrent seizures”.

Epilepsy is treatable, yet three-fourths of affected people in developing countries do not receive the required treatment. Statistically, about 10 million people in India suffer from seizures associated with epilepsy.

On this special day at various places seminars and stage events are organized to make people aware of the disease and its treatment. Several hospitals with the support of the Epilepsy Foundation of India organize camps for free consultation, detection, and treatment of the disease.

Symptoms of Epilepsy:

The most common symptom of epilepsy is recurrent seizures. However, the type of seizures may vary from person to people such as focal or partial seizures and generalized seizures. Sudden twitching, Loss of consciousness, Stiffness in muscles of arms or legs or face are other symptoms of the disease.

Causes of Epilepsy:

Some of the few common and possible causes include traumatic brain injury, high fever, stroke, vascular diseases, lack of oxygen to brain, tumour or cyst in the brain, dementia, AIDS or any other serious illness, and genetic/ developmental disorders.

Some other things that may trigger the disease are illness or fever, stress, lack of sleep, flashing lights, bright lights or patterns, consumption of alcohol, caffeine, medicine or drugs, overeating, skipping meals or specific ingredients in the food.

How to prevent Epilepsy?

-Take your medication regularly

-Do not consume alcohol as it provokes seizures

-Avoid taking stress, stress can trigger seizures it may be beneficial to practice stress management.

-Maintain a timely sleep schedule.

-Keep a healthy and timely diet.

Posted By: Ashita Singh