New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: To mark the anniversary of the Cullen-Harrison Act 1933, every year on April 7, National Beer Day is celebrated in the US. People observe this day by drinking beer with friends and family. This day was first celebrated in 2009 in Virginia by Justin Smith. He even created a Facebook Page for National Beer Day and it was noticed by many people and was also rewarded by many social media outlets. Ever since then, the people of the US started celebrating this day on a wide scale.  A day before National Beer Day, National Beer's Eve is celebrated. 

So, on the eve of this special day, here we have brought you some, wishes, quotes, messages, Facebook and WhatsApp status that you can share with your friends:

National Beer Day Wishes:

*Fall in love with your beer every time you sip it! Happy national beer day.

*Celebrate this national beer day with a glass of beer. No other meaningful celebration.

*I’m excited to start this day because I know my day is going to end with a beer!

*Without a beer, life seems to be boring! Wishing all a glassful beer day.

*I want to marry a girl who loves beer! Have a great beer day!

*A cold beer can fetch you a long merry life! So why wait? Raise your glass today on National beer day!

*Rather than falling in love with a girl and hurt yourself, I ask beer to be my valentine!

*The beer is a manly thing! Keep away your doctor with a glass of beer!

*They say don’t drink beer. Why should I trust them? Who are ‘they’?

*The doctor suggested me to do yoga. So I have beer daily until a good posture of yoga attained!

*You cannot find happiness at the bottom of the glass of beer because the beer is going to be emptied!

National Beer Day Quotes:

*There is no bad beer. There is only a bad beer among other beers!

*A woman drove me to drink beer and I didn’t even have the decency to thank her!

*I drink beer when I’m thirsty and when I’m not.

*Other people seem interesting to me when I drink a beer!

*I’m on a beer diet, I have lost almost two days.

*A day of work can shorten your life by seven to ten hours but a beer shortens your life by just a minute!

*You are not a baby to drink milk still. Drink beer and celebrate national beer day.

*Friends give you happiness and best friends give you a beer!

*Wake up! It’s beer o’clock! Happy national beer day to all!

*A glass of beer can teach you philosophy than a book!


Posted By: Deeksha Sharma