New Delhi |Jagran News Desk: In late 2019, the world started to hear about the coronavirus which was wreaking havoc in China, later the cases of the virus began to spiral and the entire world was fighting with it. However, the virus is so advanced that it started mutating and new versions of the virus appeared. Versions like the UK version, Delta Variant, and others are more dangerous than the initial version of the virus.

According to a study, the Epsilon variant evades the COVID-19 vaccine due to the three lineages present in its spike protein. On the other hand, researchers have attested that this variant is turning out to be more dangerous and is called the mutation CAL.20C is of concern.  

This variant first emerged in California in the month of May last year and by the summer of 2020 the virus made its way to the US. During that time period the virus was also mutated and changed itself from B.1.427/ B.1.429. It is being said that this variant reduces antibodies from the plasma of people who have been vaccinated. Since then this new variant has been reported in 34 other countries.

A test was conducted against the epsilon variant of plasma from people who had been exposed to the virus, as well as people who had been vaccinated. As a result, the plasma's potency against the epsilon variant was reduced by about 2 to 3.5 times. The researchers said the mutations resulted in tests being performed, however, 10 out of 10 tests failed.

Though no cases of this virus is yet been found in India. The UK Health Ministry says this variant is more dangerous than the delta variant. After the first attack of the virus, different other variants are evolving it and new variants of the coronavirus have the ability to spread very rapidly.

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen