New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The ninth month of the English calendar, September 2021 has begun already. What will happen to those who have been looking for a new job or business for a few months? Who will get progress? Let us tell you what is special in this month for 12 zodiac signs on the basis of astrology. 

September 2021 Monthly Horoscope


Due to your desire to increase income, you will work more or find other means of earning, write and do much more to maintain a certain standard of living for your family. Great time for work and leisure which is not always easy or possible. Entertainment, fun, camaraderie, love and romance will keep you busy. There is a chance of meeting someone special, who will brighten up and make your life meaningful. There is a possibility of contact, communication and agreement. Business is the sum of progress.


Pressure will remain from financial matters to the domestic budget. Investments related to loans, collateral, joint finance, bonus, pension and retirement will be important. Your worries will go away. The burden will be light and the issues will be resolved. The atmosphere at home and at work will also improve. Have a good time with friends. Social activities will motivate you. Romance and love will bring laughter, joy, fun and excitement in life. You will not feel alone. Closeness with good friends will increase.


From time to time there may be sporadic quarrels with the wife, but you will convince her, control your anger. You will have a challenging day ahead, with family, money matters, excitement, religion and worship and obviously there will be a lot to worry about the pressure of your work. Stress can be a natural consequence of this. You will try to balance your various activities, interests, commitments, aspirations.


Even during this very busy time, you would not like to neglect your family. Avoid pushing yourself excessively in every direction, set the priorities of the work and implement it by making a proper program. There will be achievements and success, goals will be achieved and benefits will also be there. Artifacts, jewellery, valuables will be obtained. It is time for travel, public relations activities, new arrangements on the domestic front, new ideas and inventions. You may be worried about health, domestic programs, routine. Try to remain calm and comfortable.


You will not spend any time at your home with your property and family. You will renew, increase the amount of beauty and opulence around you, you will be engaged in such activities which will lighten the worries, troubles and concerns of others. Be careful in handling crooked cases. You should also take care of old people, pets and servants/employees dependent on you. It will be necessary to show understanding and maturity in financial matters like fund, joint fund, rent etc. You will think deeply and seriously about your life and your work on other aspects as well.


The love and good image that you will accept, you will be happy, this time will accept it. Your determination, faith and energy level will remain high. Salaried people can be a victim of neglect of higher officials. Disputes will arise with subordinate employees. There will be turmoil in business. There will be financial gains in business with the support of loved ones. Before starting any new plan, make sure to assess your efficiency.


You can implement any new plan, it is beneficial to follow the advice of senior officers. The sweet behavior of wife/children/elderly will fascinate the mind. Your high level, idealistic, spiritual inclination will now come to the fore, which will also teach you new skills of coordination. With the desire to remain strong at the level of mind and body, you will now try to maintain your achievements. Great gains in terms of understanding, attitude, spirituality, faith. There will be adventure in life.


All efforts will yield fruitful results and success will be achieved. You will execute the tasks efficiently. Apart from taking care of the family and the people dependent on you, a lot will be expected from you on the work front as well. You have invented your own unique equation of life. The better side will continue which will give the impression that nothing wrong can happen, but your logical mind will tell you that it is possible. That's what life is all about - ups and downs. Love, family relationships and better health are your strength and shield from the sharp arrows of misfortune.


The level of your pleasures will be very high and unique and the wonderful thing will be that it will continue continuously. As the saying goes, tie the good times. You are enjoying the role of provider. You will feel happy in raising the means of happiness for your family. You will feel energetic in every field of activities. There will be intensity in love and marriage. Health and finances will improve. There will be a feeling of completeness. Actually, you enjoy doing it all.


You may have to face all kinds of demands. Most important will be loved ones and family. Legal matters, trust, ancestral property, partnership, alliance are likely. The tasks will be more and you will also work hard to complete them. This is a special auspicious time for those doing their business or government job. You will get the support of senior officers. Will be successful in revamping the business. You will get good benefits from a young person in your workplace. There will be obstacles in your financial transactions, but with the help of a friend, your work will start.


Activities will intensify at the social level, avoid the tendency to act rashly, follow your routine. Whatever you thought about, it will be implemented in this round, after all it is a necessary and justified result. There will be a feeling of peace and a complete harmony in the environment around you. In fact the world will prove to be a boon of God at this stage. This will bring happiness and warmth from family, life partner and children.


Your own strong will will lead you firmly on the path of your expectations. There is a chance of traveling in detail, due to which you will get sudden and unexpected gains in the near future and will be lucky in opportunistic games. The cooperation of old friends in the business field will prove beneficial. Any good information in the family will bring mental peace, the situation will improve as compared to earlier. It is not good to get involved in other's work otherwise you may get disputed. You will get rid of old problems. Honor and self-respect will be protected.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal