New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: New month, new opportunity and new challenges, so be careful while making any decisions. Scorpions, Aries and Leo, brace yourself as someone special is going to fill your life with love. However, Taurus, Gemini and Libra buckle up your seat belts as May is going to be not less than a roller coaster ride for you. Have a look at your monthly horoscope and prepare yourself for upcoming challenges.


All the Aries in the house read your horoscope carefully as May is going to open the doors of success. You are likely to be disciplined, this will help in overcoming weakness and boosting confidence. There are chances of someone special entering your life. Things you have planned for May might go as per you. You are advised to be patient and stop panicking to complete your task as you might end up making silly mistakes. You might are likely to take important decisions regarding your career so give a thorough thought before making any decision. You are likely to enjoy your month to the fullest.


In this month, you might think of deleting some people from your life forever. You are likely to indulge in family matters. Your business will blossom as you might implement innovative ideas. You are advised to avoid indulging in worthless fights. Lovers might spend some romantic moments together this will boost their relationship and bring harmony. Singles get ready to embrace a sweet feeling of love.


This month is going to be stressful and full of misunderstandings. People around you might start pointing fingers at you on worthless issues. However, with the help of elders' blessing, you might overcome all the messy situations. This month is going to make you tougher in many aspects, especially emotionally. By the middle of the month, things will start falling to place and people might start getting attracted towards you. You are advised to face all the situations rather than avoiding people. Keep a close check on your health as old issues might crop up.


Get ready for the trip to mysterious corners of your soul as at the starting of the month you might go into self-analysis mode, which will help you in knowing yourself in a deeper aspect. Also, it will help you in understanding your surroundings, such as two face people, etc. The month is going to be about creativity, and you might implement some ideas in your professional life. You are advised to say No when needed, otherwise, you might get stuck in a difficult situation.


It time to come out from the shadow of others and tell the world that you can do it! This month might turn out successful as stars might align in your favour. Love birds or married couples who are facing trouble in their relationship will breathe a sigh of relief as the month of May is bringing bags of happiness for you. Singles, be ready to embrace that someone special in your life. Talking about your financial health, it might improve with your hard work and elders blessings.


You are advised to slow down your pace if you are thinking of changing your job or investing your money as things might turn out as you expect. Also, take extra care of your family as some old health issue might crop up. People are likely to seek your advice when stuck in a problem, and your intuition will help them in overcoming such a challenging time. Disputes with friends and siblings might end, so don't miss out on the opportunity to start all over again. Lovers are likely to spend romantic moments, this will enhance their relationship and bring harmony. Someone special is going to pamper you to the fullest so enjoy the month of May to the fullest but before taking any big step give a good thought.


This month you are advised to give yourself some rest and listen to your inner voice. Question yourself when in doubt as you are your best critic. Also, you can take the help of your elders when stuck in a confusing and tough situation. On the professional front, you are going to give excellent outcomes to the company. Your boss might appreciate you and reward you. People who are handling family business might implement an innovative idea that will turn out successful. Your inner foodie will once again come to life, and you might end up overeating.


Take a brief pause before you start with May as a lot of things is going to take place this month. You are likely to get important advice from elders, so don't miss this opportunity and grab it with your both hands and feet. Talking about your love life then, brace yourself as someone special is going to make an entry in your life and make you feel all loved once again. Some developments are going to take place in your family so be ready to face them. On the professional front, you are likely to complete all your tasks on time.


You are likely to be busy in both your professional and personal life, so take a deep breath and get started. You are advised to not make decisions in a haze and give a good thought before taking any big step. Also, think before you speak, as you might end up hurting people. Lovers are going to enjoy each others company to the fullest, you are advised to avoid engaging in worthless topics. Those handling businesses are likely to bag a big deal that will be beneficial.


The month of May brings an abundance of opportunities at the work front. So you are advised to go slow and grab all the opportunities. It is now safe to implement your ideas, so go on and try those ideas, but do give a disclaimer to people around you before they start blaming you for loss. You are advised to say No when needed as it might save you from engaging in difficult situations. Also, listen to your elders' advice as it might turn out useful in the near future. Don't engage in worthless arguments, as it might turn your relationship with that person sour forever.


Things will go as planned whether it's in terms of job, studies or family. You are likely to be satisfied with the results. You are likely to enjoy your love life to the fullest. You are advised to don't engage in arguments on worthless topics as it might create differences. You are likely to meet some influential person who will turn out beneficial in near future. People like Virgo and Gemini might distract you from your goal so try not to get influenced by them.


Finally, May is here, and now you can implement your long-planned plans related to your business. This month your creativity will be at its peak, so you are advised to keep noting the ideas as some of them might turn out best and successful. Things will go as you planned, you might also make some important and tough decisions. Someone close to your heart might create problems related to your career so give a good thought before reacting as your response might turn your relationship with the person sour. You are advised to stay calm and practise meditation for mental peace. Your social network might expand, which will turn out fruitful in future.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv