New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The transmigration of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another is called Sankranti. There are 12 Sankrantis in a year as every month the Sun moves to another zodiac sign. The Mithun Sankranti takes place when the Sun transits from Taurus and enters the Gemini (Mithun). This year, the Mithun Sankranti is taking place today (June 15).  In Odisha this festival is called Raja Parba while in the Eastern and North Eastern provinces Mithuna Sankranti is celebrated as a menstruating phase of Mother Earth, Meanwhile, on the other hand, in South India Sankranti is called Sankraman.

Mithun Sankranti 2021: Significance 

All the twelve Sankrantis are divided into four categories:

- Ayan Sankranti
- Vishuva or Sampat Sankranti
- Vishnupadi Sankranti
- Shadshitimukhi Sankranti

Mithuna sankranti is Shadshitmukhi sankranti. The transit of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another is a very important event and it has astrological effects. After Sankranti Sixteen ghatis are taken for performing all daan punya activities (charity), it is considered auspicious. 

Mithun Sankranti 2021: Sankranti Muhurat

  • Sankranti day- Tuesday
  • Observation day- June 15, 2021
  • Transit date- June 15, 2021
  • Sankranti moment- 06:17 on June 15 Sankranti ghati 2 (dinmana)
  • Sankranti Moon sign- Karka
  • Sankranti Nakshatra- Ashlesha
  • Punya Kal- 06:17 - 13:43
  • Maha Punya Kal- 06:17 - 08:36

Mithun Sankranti 2021: Puja vidhi and celebration

- People take bath before sunrise.
- Give arghya water with roli and red flower in it, to rising sun.
- Sit on red carpet and chant Surya Mantra.
- Devotees worship Lord Vishnu and Bhudevi, the Goddess Earth.
- In Odisha people wear traditional clothes.
- Special puja is performed of grinding stone, which is decorated, it depicts Mother Earth.
- Girls get ready with beautiful dresses and enjoy various kinds of swings on the barks of banyan trees.
- Homage to ancestors is paid in temples or at the bank of rivers.
- Men women dance bare foot on earth to welcome the rain.
- Donation is treated as very beneficial on this day.
- Gifting cow - Hisaab is highly auspicious.

Mithun Sankranti 2021: Mantra

Om Ghrini Surya Aditya Namah

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal