New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: On January 14, people in India will celebrate Makar Sankranti. On this day, Sun enters the house of Saturn (Capricorn or Makar), and the Sun will remain in Capricorn for a month. According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the son of the Sun, and this year it will be a historic moment when the Sun and Saturn will come together in Capricorn after 29 years. Back in 1993, a similar incident took place when Saturn and Sun were together in Capricorn.

Both Sun and Saturn are considered very powerful, and as per Vedic astrology, the conjunction of Sun and Saturn is one of the most interesting, often considered the dreaded ones. Ahead of the astrological event, here’s how it is going to impact all the 12 zodiac signs: 

Aries: You would want credit for your work. However, it will be tough for you to get it. There are chances that you may have heated arguments with your senior officer in your office. Married people may also face ups and downs in their relationship. Do not take any decision in the heat of the moment during this time, as it may prove fatal for you. 

Taurus: In order to gain achievements, you have to move ahead with discipline. There are chances that you will travel a lot during this time. There are also chances that you may settle abroad. You may have conflicts with your father. 

Gemini: People who own a business will witness profit in it. Take care of your health and exercise regularly. Students who are studying will focus on their studies and will also get new opportunities. 

Cancer: There may be ideological differences in your married life and a lack of coordination with your spouse. To improve your relationship, you have to spend more time with them. If you own a business, then you have to make some tough decisions. It is advised that all the Cancerians should maintain peace and harmony in their personal and professional life. 

Leo: This period will bring good news for all the people who belong to the Leo zodiac sign as they will get new career-related opportunities. However, there is a need to be health conscious as you may face some health issues; therefore, exercise regularly and avoid eating junk food.

Virgo: There will be some emotional turmoil in your love life. However, work with patience. This is not the right time for you to invest money in the stock market as you may suffer loss. During this period you will also gather a lot of new information from everywhere. 

Libra: You will receive some good news related to your career. However, avoid investing money in property issues. Take care of your mother's health. Be careful while driving as there is a risk of an accident. 

Scorpio: There are chances that you will travel during this time. However, be careful while signing any kind of paper as other people may cheat you. There are chances that you may have heated arguments with your younger siblings, but you need to act with patience and understanding.

Sagittarius: You will witness financial benefits. Take care of your health as the slightest of negligence can prove fatal for you. You may face an eyes or throat infection during this period. Avoid having heated arguments with your superiors in the office and work with patience.

Capricorn: This time period is really tough for all the people who belong to keep Capricorn zodiac signs as they will remain confused and frustrated. You can make mistakes in understanding others, and it may also affect your personal life. 

Aquarius: It will be hard for you to fall asleep as there will be things, due to which you will remain mentally disturbed. There are chances that you may go on abroad trips. Relationship with life partner will remain cordial. 

Pisces: You will witness financial gains. There may be some problems on your personal end as you may have heated arguments with your elder siblings. Do not trust anyone blindly. 

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen