New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Pratap Singh, who is commonly known as 'Maharana Pratap', was one of the bravest Rajput rules of India who ruled Rajasthan's Mewar for nearly 35 years. Known for his role in the battle of Haldighati and Dewair, Maharana Pratap was one of the few rulers of India who stood against the Mughal Empire while other Rajput kings accepted the supremacy of Akbar. Thus, we in India celebrate his birth anniversary every year to honour the great Rajput king. This year, as per the Hindu calendar, we will be celebrating the Maharana Pratap Jayanti on June 13.

So as we celebrate the Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021, we at Jagran English have brought some of the exciting facts about the great Mewar ruler that every Indian must know about:

1. Hulk-like body structure:

Maharana Pratap was known for his hulk-like body structure. As per historians, the great Rajput ruler had a height of seven feet and five inches while his weight was around 110 kilograms.

2. Weapons of Maharana Pratap:

Historians believe that Maharana Pratap could easily carry two swords with a weight of 104 kilograms each. It is said that his armour had a weight of about 72 kilograms while he used to carry an 80-kilogram spear.

3. Internal pressure due to Mughals:

While most of the Rajput rulers surrendered to the Mughals and allied with Akbar, Maharana Pratap was the only king in western India who stood against them. However, he had to face the anger of his people, including his adversaries, who advised the great Rajput ruler to form an alliance with the Mughals.

4. The first native freedom fighter of India:

Known for his courage, Maharana Pratap by many people is called the first "native freedom fighter" of India as he stood against the Mughals and bravely fought the armies of Akbar.

5. The large family:

It is said that Maharana Pratap had 11 wives with whom he had 17 sons and five daughters. His three sons -- Rawat Krishnadasji Chundawat, Maan Singhji Jhala and Chandrasenji Rathore -- also played crucial roles in his fight against the Mughals.

6. No surrender:

Though Maharana Pratap had lost the battle of Haldighati, the brave Rajput ruler had refused to surrender. He later recaptured the territories captured by the Mughals but had failed to win back Chittor.

7. An unknown friendship:

Maharana Pratap had an unknown bond with his loyal horse Chetak which only a few adversaries understood. Chetak during the battle of Haldighati had also saved the life of Maharana Pratap despite his fatal injuries. Later, many Hindi writers and poets wrote about Chetak, describing his bravery.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma