New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Today is the birth anniversary of Pratap Singh 1 or popularly known as Maharana Pratap, was the 13th King of Mewar in Rajasthan. He was one the greatest leaders of India known for his bravery and courage. Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540 in Kumbalgarh Durg (Pali), to Udai Singh II and Jaiwanta Bai. He had three younger brothers Shakti Singh, Vikram Singh and Jagmal Singh. He also had had 2 stepsisters.

Known for his bravery, valour and fearless fighting skills, whole country celebrates the birth anniversary of the great warrior as Maharana Pratap Jayanti. So on the occasion of his 480th birth anniversary, here are some unknown facts about the great warrior.

1- Maharana Pratap was born in the house of Maharaja Uday Singh and mother Rani Jaiwanta Bai. He was also known as Kika in childhood and youth. He got this name from the Bhils, in whose company he spent the early days. Kika means 'son' in the dialect of Bhils.

2- Maharana Pratap had a horse named Chetak which he loved most. Chetak has his place in Pratap's heroic stories. He played an important role in winning many battles of agility, speed and bravery.

3- Although Maharana Pratap fought many battles with the Mughals, the most historic battle was - the Battle of Haldighati in which he faced a huge army of Akbar led by Mansingh. In this tremendous war in 1576, Maharana Pratap fought with 80,000 Mughal soldiers with only 20,000 soldiers accompanying him. This is the most discussed war in medieval Indian history. In this war, Pratap's horse Chetak was injured. After this war, Mewar, Chittor, Gogunda, Kumbhalgarh and Udaipur were captured by the Mughals. Most of the Rajput kings fell under the Mughals but the Maharana never left his self respect. He did not accept the subjection of the Mughal emperor Akbar and struggled for many years.

4- In the war of Diwar in 1582, Rana Pratap regained the territories which had once been lost to the Mughals. Colonel James Taw called this war with the Mughals a marathon of Mewar. By 1585, after a long struggle, he was successful in liberating Mewar.

5- In 1596, he was hurt while hunting, which he never recovered from. He died in Chavad on 19 January 1597 at just 57 years of age.

Posted By: Talib Khan