New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Today people across the globe are going to witness the first Lunar Eclipse 2021. This year moon will be closest to Earth, so it is going to be a super moon, red moon and total lunar eclipse. However, an eclipse is a cosmic event but there are certain astrological customs, myths and beliefs related to it. Some of the most popular ones are related to pregnant women. Yes, many astrological scholars believe that pregnant women should not step out at the time of the lunar eclipse, while some forbid them to even look at it directly. On the other hand, many even believe that if women go under the moon that night their child might get born with a birthmark. 

Therefore, here we are with a list of dos and don'ts for pregnant women to be safe amidst the time of the lunar eclipse. 

What is lunar eclipse?

Lunar Eclipse occurs on the night of a full moon when the sun, earth and moon are very closely aligned and earth comes between the sun and moon. This blocks the direct sunlight from reaching the Moon which casts a shadow on it. Meanwhile, when the earth completely blocks the moon, it is a total Lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan). In many cases, lunar eclipse can be seen through without any special protection.

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Dos for pregnant women

  • Mothers-to-be should stay indoors during the lunar eclipse.
  • They should just consume only fresh food.
  • They should donate something.
  • Make sure to cover the windows with thick curtains to avoid the rays inside the house. 
  • They should bathe both before and after the lunar eclipse.
Lunar Eclipse 2021: Don'ts for pregnant women
  • Avoid sleeping or indulging in any activity during the time of the eclipse.
  • Avoid looking at the sky.
  • Avoid travelling.
  • Many suggest that women shouldn't even have water during the eclipse. But then this may not be medically fit. Therefore, make sure to consult your doctor before following these rituals.  

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal