New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Lunar Eclipse occurs on the night of a full moon when the sun, earth and moon are very closely aligned and earth comes between the sun and moon. This blocks the direct sunlight from reaching the Moon which casts a shadow on it. This year people across the globe are set to witness Lunar Eclipse 2021 today, May 26. This year people will witness a total lunar eclipse which happens when the earth completely blocks the moon. 

This time, the moon will be closest to the earth and therefore it is going to be a super moon, a red blood moon and Lunar eclipse. In India phenomena, will be visible in some parts of the country. Although an eclipse is a cosmic event but there are some customary myths and beliefs which have been associated with it.

Many astrologers don't consider stepping out or performing activities under the moon on the lunar eclipse healthy. Therefore, here we are with some of the dos and don'ts which you need to follow while lunar eclipse 2021.

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Dos

- As per Hindu belief, negative energy surrounds the earth, therefore chanting of mantras during eclipse period will decrease the strength of harmful energy waves.

- Tulsi leaves are treated as very holy and pious. Keeping these leaves in food and water will protect them from the ill effects of the exposure of ultraviolet rays which are believed to be eliminated during the eclipse.

- Showering or washing head after eclipse is considered auspicious.

- Take a dip in holy waters as some Hindus have faith that after eclipse bathing in sacred river Ganga will help them attain salvation.

- Donate grains, fruits, clothes etc after grahan as it is treated auspicious for gaining prosperity.

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Don'ts

- One should avoid eating at the time of the eclipse, as it is supposed to be contaminated, instead should devote time to meditation.

- One should not move outside to avoid the effect of harmful radiation outside.

- Hindus strictly believe that pregnant women should not step out of home or touch sharp objects at the time of lunar eclipse. 

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal