New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Welcome to April! As the days are getting warmer, the flowers are blossoming and spreading the essence of love in the atmosphere. If you want to know how your April is going to be in terms of love then, you are at the right place. As in this article, we are going to discuss whether the stars are aligned in your favour or not when it comes to your love relationship.


This month, Aries might take a bold step and move in with his/her partner. Your communication skills will help you in sorting out all the difference. Also, you might act bossy at times.


This month you may find yourself confident and might raise your voice for your self-respect. You are advised not to extend your relationship if it has become toxic. Also, don't be afraid to break out of the cocoon.


Geminis are generally flirty by nature, however, April is going to give you a dose of love. So it's the best time to come out of the shell and open your heart out to that special person.


This month, you are going to indulge deeper in love with your partner, and if you haven't taken a foot-forward then, this is the right time. Don't hold back your emotions and let them flow.


Venus might enter the sensual planet Taurus and your 10th house of social status. You are advised to keep aside your pride as it will give oxygen to your relationship and enhance the harmony between you two. Also, there are chances that with the help of your partner, your social circle will grow.


This month you are likely to expand your horizon of love and might explore in terms of love. You are likely to pour in your emotions and might explore either gender or enter into a new relationship. So, don't hold yourself back yourself Virgo, as the month is yours so, explore it with an open heart.


Your love life is likely to be stable in April, and this will keep you happy and boost harmony. However, you are advised to don't let this divert you from your career goals. All in all, your love life is going to be full of romantic moments with few bumps on the way.


April might be intense and full of romantic feelings. You are advised not to get paranoid and invite yourself to trouble. Unlike your nature, you might open up and speak your heart out. Love and jealousy will go hand in hand so, you are advised not to doubt the loyalty of your partner.


Singles no bar, your month is going to be filled with some hanky-panky moments. So brace yourself for some hot steamy moments. You are likely to make a new start, whether by entering into a relationship or giving a fresh start to your current one.


Your bedroom temperature might rise as April is going to be all steamy and passionate. So get ready for some amazing experiences, however, this will only happen if you express yourself more. If you are having a love affair or husband-wife then, these moments will enhance your relationship and boost harmony.


You are likely to wake up your witchy side this month and not indulge in any sexual activity. You might stay aloof, teasing everyone with your beauty and making people fall in love with you.


This month you deserve an abundance of love and intimacy with your partner. You are advised to shun your insecurities and embrace love. Well, you might experience some bumps initially, however, the month will be full of romantic moments with your partner.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv