New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: All set to get ready for the day? Just take a look at the astrological predictions about your zodiac sign before you step out. Know how your day will turn out to be based on your stars. Also, don't forget to have a glimpse of today's panchang too.

Today's Panchang

Day: Monday, Phalgun month, Shukla Paksha, horoscope of Dwitiya.

Today's Rahu Kaal: 07:30 AM to 09:00 AM.

Today's direction: East.

Today's special day: Special: Swami Paramhans Ramakrishna Jayanti, Panchak (ending at 04:44 pm).

Today's festival: Phulria Dooj, Swayam-siddh Mahurat


Aries: The pending tasks will be over. You will get the support of a higher officer. Family life will be happy. There will be sweetness in relationships. You will get success in creative work.

Taurus: Have chances of getting a gift and there will be an increase in honor. But you will remain entangled in unnecessary problems. Take care of your health. Put your mind to creative work. It would be beneficial to work with restraint.

Gemini: Family obligations will be fulfilled. The completion of a task will increase your influence and dominance. You will get the support of a woman officerNew relationships will be formed.

Cancer: Due to the formation of Malavya Yoga, the ongoing problem will be solved. There will be sweetness in relationships. You may take interest in social work. The efforts made will be meaningful.

Leo: You will get success in taking support from the governing authority. Stress can be found due to children. There is a need to be health conscious. The economic side will be strong.

Virgo: Family life will be happy. Gifts or honors will increase. There will be sweetness in relationships. Family reputation will increase. You will get success in the field of education competition.

Libra: The economic side will be strong. There will be an increase in household items. Money, fame, fame will increase. Governance will cooperate with power. Political ambition will be fulfilled.

Scorpio: Business matters will progress. Gifts or honors will increase. There will be support from life partner. Friendship relations will be strong. The effort made will be fruitful.

Sagittarius: Work done with wisdom skills will be done. Family reputation will increase. The economic side will be strong. You may be worried due to children. Help will be given from the ruling administration.

Capricorn: Business matters will progress. Social prestige will increase. Gifts or honors will increase. The completion of a task will increase your influence and dominance.

Aquarius: There will be a solution to an ongoing problem. Take care of your health. Do not take risk in financial matters. Will get support and companionship of spouse.

Pisces: Family life will be happy. Due to Malavya Yoga, you will get commercial success. There will be progress in economic matters. The effort made will be meaningful. New relationships will be formed.


Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal