New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The first lunar eclipse of the year 2021 will fall on the Purnima tithi according to the Hindu calendar of the month Vaishakha. Not many know that Lunar Eclipse 2021 can impact the movement of the stars. So if you are wondering what this Chandra Grahan has in store for you then scroll down below and know whether the alignment of stars are in your favour or not. 

  • Date: May 26, 2021
  • Eclipse begins 14:17
  • Eclipse ends. 19:19
  • Type: Total Lunar Eclipse
  • Visibility: India, East Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean and America.

Impact of the first lunar eclipse 2021 on zodiac signs:


Communicate with your loved ones. Stay calm and express your love to children, instead of controlling them. You may get unexpected profits in money. Mental tension will prevail. Take care of your health and as well of your mother's too. An impending project will be completed.


Desires will be fulfilled. Disturbances in marital life. Take care of your partner's health. Good time for financial gains but at the same time expenses too will be high therefore maintain budget. Be careful your words may hurt people.


The eclipse is beneficial. You will be confident for your physical identity but stress will prevail. Avoid arguments. Give some time for meditation. Will face some unexpected events.


Listen to your unconscious mind to open your hidden questions inside you. You will become more spiritual. Mental tension or abdomen problems can exist. Good results in business. Medical issues and accidents are foreseen.


Spend time with friends, good time for relationship. Good time for success in business, with minor financial losses, keep an eye on finances and expences. Avoid changes in work or business. Avoid stress and worries by overcoming misunderstandings. Take care of your mother's health.


You will become centre of attraction. You can get gain and can get a rise and stability in your job. Luck in the profession and financial gains will be strong. Avoid hasty decisions and be patient with people around you.


Good time for romance. Financial loss is possible. Do not lent or invest money. Take care of health of your partner and of yourself as well. Get regular medical check-ups.


Take care of your health and mental tension. Avoid arguments and differences with life partner. Chances of financial loss.
You will feel spiritual upliftment. Avoid anxiety by meditation.


Express your feelings in good gesture. Avoid arguments, keep a control on your words. Expenses will increase. Chances of financial losses are there. Sleeplessness or health issues may disturb you.


Unexpected love will turn up. Good time for you as well for financial gains. Success will come your way but be careful it may be at the cost of your personal life. Relationship with partner may be affected. Be patient and practice meditation.


A new crush will make you happy. Ups and downs in business will prevail. This is not very good time for you, therefore keep harmony at your work place. Avoid traveling and take care of your health.


Avoid big changes. More care for health of mother and children required. Avoid arguments and try to communicate to overcome misunderstandings.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal