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Ketogenic Diet And Weight Loss: How Is It Effective For Vegetarians To Lose Weight

Read below how ketogenic diet plan helps in weight loss.

Ketogenic Diet And Weight Loss: How Is It Effective For Vegetarians To Lose Weight
Image Credits: Pexels

ACCORDING TO the National Family Health Survey-5, one in every four Indians is obese. As per the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, 135 million people are obese just in India alone. To lose weight, people carry out extensive workouts and follow innumerable diet plans to achieve a slim body and lose fat. However, some diet plans work some don't diet plan with workouts, exercises, mindfulness, affirmations and a healthy lifestyle play a major role in weight loss.

One such weight loss diet is Ketogenic Diet which includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items for weight loss. Ketogenic diets mainly involve the reduction of one's carbohydrate intake and replacing it with essential fats. A vegetarian keto diet aims to push your body to utilise excess fats as energy instead of consuming carbohydrates.

A ketogenic diet extends to four weeks with a reduction of calorie intake every week. The diet starts with 1500 kcal and reduces to around 900 kcal. The diet is mainly composed of 5-7 per cent of carbohydrates, 25 per cent of proteins and 65 to 70 per cent of fats.

Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet and Weight Loss

Being rich in a high-fat, low-carb eating plan, the keto diet leads to quick weight loss for individuals who follow it religiously along with other healthy lifestyle habits. Particularly for vegetarians, the ketogenic diet includes high-fat food and low-carb food which triggers ketosis in the body and gradually helps in weight loss. According to the International Food Information Council 2021 diet industry statistics, 39 per cent of Americans follow a ketogenic diet plan. 

Things To Avoid In Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet

1. Avoid Sugar: Eating too much sugar can increase the number of calories in the body leading to weight gain. Artificial sweeteners contain a great number of chemicals, bleach and other harmful products.

2. Restrict Carbs: A typical Indian diet is rich in carbohydrates which makes it difficult to lose weight, especially for vegetarians.

3. Fats: The high caloric density of high-fat diets play a major role in weight gain. Therefore, in the keto diet, one can include coconut oil or butter in their daily diet.

List of Food Items In Vegetarian Keto Diet:

Vegetables include mint, coriander, spinach, mustard leaves, ginger, garlic, onion, cucumber, bottle gourd, okra, broccoli, french beans, tomato, mushroom, carrots and radish. Milk and dairy products include cottage cheese (paneer), cheese, yoghurt, butter, and fresh cream.

Nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, pistachio, brazil nuts and walnuts can be consumed in this diet in measured quantities. Legumes and lentils include Rajma, horse gram, and black chickpeas, whereas fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre such as pear, avocado, muck melon, orange, strawberry, other berries and lemon can fulfil the requirements.


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