New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Kartik month is almost here beginning from October 21 till November 19. It is the month of the Hindu calendar and is considered to be the holiest month among all lunar months. Kartik Nakshatra falls during full moon day in this month, therefore, this is where the name has been derived from.

Kartik is the fourth and last month of Chaturmas, it is also known as Damodar month in Vaishnava tradition. This month is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi and is considered auspicious because there are a number of festivals celebrated during its time.

Talking about Kartik month, it is said to bring positivity to people's life. Therefore, here we are with predictions for different zodiac signs during the month of Kartik.


This is not favourable time for business and wealth. May get some issues with children. Take care of health, specially regarding ENT.


Take every step and decision with care, may face some loss. Do not get entangled with others. May win in legal matters.


Good time for trading and wealth gain. May face the gastrointestinal problems.


May get success regarding government-related issues. The rise in name fame and popularity is seen. May get chances of smaller trips.


May develop an interest in religious activities. May get success with the help of friends. Disputes among brothers may occur.


Take care of your diet. May face problems regarding stomach. Do not use abusive language.


Good time for business and work. Problem may occur at home. Be careful from seasonal illnesses.


Transit of planets is not favourable. Feeling of internal disturbance will prevail. Enemies may easily defeat you so be extra careful.


Your plans will be successful. Some problems related to your feet may occur. Keep control over your anger.


Hard work will be rewarded. Higher authorities will be in your favour. Opponents will be weak.


You will feel more energetic. The intuition level will increase. You will achieve success in your ventures.


Will feel more focused on earnings. Work efficiency will increase. Some good news from children side is seen.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal