Karka Sankrati 2021: Know the impact of the special festival on your zodiac signs

Leos should have a control on their aggressive behaviour during this time, while, Pisces will feel more energetic. Read on to know the impact of Karka Sankranti on your zodiac sign.

By Sanyukta Baijal
Thu, 15 Jul 2021 09:23 PM IST
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Karka Sankrati 2021: Know the impact of the special festival on your zodiac signs

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Sankranti is the transmigration of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another. And since there are 12 zodiac signs, therefore 12 sankrantis fall in a year. Out of these 12, two sankrantis, Makar Sankranti and Karka Sankranti hold utmost importance as per the popular beliefs. These are also known as Uttarayana (Makar) Sankranti and Dakshinayana (Karka) Sankranti. Uttara stands for north where as Dakshina stands for south, meanwhile, ayana means movement.

Karka Sankranti is the Southern journey of Lord Surya. Dakshinayana, which is six months starting with Karka Sankranti, it is counterpart of Makar Sankranti. Karka Sankranti will be celebrated on 16 July, 2021, on Friday this year. And just like Makar Sankranti, the movement of the Sun to a different zodiac, holds a separate meaning for each sun sign. 

Therefore, here we are with the impact of Karka Sankranti on different zodiacs:


This period is auspicious for deals regarding buying home and land. Be careful for your mother's health and your image.


More confidence can energise you, success in all tasks is waiting for you. Need to deal with love matters carefully. 


Government employees may get favour. Have control over your speech otherwise relations may become sour. Avoid arguments.


Be careful with your behaviour and control your anger. Dispute in marital relationships may occur. Good time for people in marketing.


Control on aggressive behaviour is necessary, may recover from old disease. Beware of rivals.


Pending projects may be completed with unexpected cooperation with others. Will get recognition and respect.


Your father will stand for you as relations with him will become better. Chances of promotion and gain in business can happen.


You will get the support and blessings of your parents. Be cautious while dealing with money transactions.


Be careful while driving, may get entangled in some property disputes, try and maintain positive approach.   


This is a good time for you. Be careful in business, sudden monetary gains can happen, avoid arrogant behaviour towards your spouse.


It is a favourable time for your. Avoid junk food for good health. May easily defeat your enemies, avoid arguments.


Legal matters will be resolved, you will feel more energetic, will be more creative and studious. You may worry for your children a little more.




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