Happy Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Check Significance, Shubh Muhurat And Puja Vidhi Of This Day

Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Lord Hanuman was one of the most loved devotees of Lord Rama and is believed to be still alive on the Earth.

Happy Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Check Significance, Shubh Muhurat And Puja Vidhi Of This Day
Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: File Image

KANNADA HANUMAN Jayanti is observed every year on the Shukla Paksha Trayodashi during the Hindu month of Margashirsha. Popularly known as Hanuman Vratham, this day is observed in Karnataka, Telangana and other parts of Andhra Pradesh on the 13th day during the waxing phase of moon in Margashirsha month. This Vrata is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and according to Hindu scirpture, is beleived to have been perfomed by Draupadi-the wife of the Pandavas.

Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Date And Shubh Muhurat

The Kannada Hanuman Jayanti will be observed on December 05, 2022. According to Drik Panchang, the Trayodashi Tithi will begin at 05:57 AM on December 05 and ends at 06:47 AM on December 06, 2022.

Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Significance

Lord Hanuman was a whole hearted devotee of Lord Rama who was one of the eminent peronslaity of Ramayana. The North Indian parts of the country celebrate Hanuman Jayanti during Chaitra month, in Tamil Nadu it is observed during the Margashirsha month of Hindu calendar. Lord Hanuman is known by different names including Bajrangbali, Sankat Mochan, Anjaneya, Maruti, Anjanisut, Pavanasuta and Rudra. As per the Hindu beleife, Hanuman Ji takes away all the pain and problems of his devotees.

Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Puja Vidhi

On the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, devotees should wake up early in the morning, take bath and wear clean clothes. Devotees can observe whoel day fast, perform puja offer vermilion (sindoor) to Lord Hanuman. ALong with performing puja, offer marigold flowers and red clothes to the diety. CHant Hanuman Chalisa throughout teh puja and end yoru puja with the recitation of Hanuman aarti.

Kannada Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Mantra

1. Om Hanumate Namah

2. Hang Pawan Nandnaay Swaahaa

3. Hang Hanumate Rudraatmakaay Hung Phatt

4. Om Namo Bhagvate Aanjaneyaay Mahaabalaay Swaahaa

5. Om Aing Hring Hanumate Ramdutay Lankavidhvansnay Anjani Garbh Sambhutay Shakini Dakini Dakini Vidhvanssnay Kilikili Bubukaren Vibhishanay Hanumaddevay Om Hring Shring Haung Ha Phat Swaha

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