New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Kamada Ekadashi is one of the most auspicious ones among 23 Ekadashi that falls during Shukla paksha and Krishna paksha of the Hindu calendar. It is the first Ekadashi of the Hindu calendar that falls on the 11th Lunar day of Shukla Paksha of Hindi month Chaitra. This Ekadashi is also known as Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi which is celebrated after the Navratri and Ramanavami. This year, the auspicious day will be observed on April 23, 2021, Friday. 

Kamada Ekadashi is celebrated all over India. As per Hindu belief, observing fast on this day fulfils the worldly desires, cleanses the consciousness and nullifies curses. Kamada signifies a grant of desires.

Kamada Ekadashi 2021: Significance

Observing a fast on this day is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to various Purana and Hindu scriptures, fasting in this festival helps devotees to get free from cycles of rebirth and they attain salvation. Devotees also get protection from different curses and sins. Apart from that, it is believed that childless couples are blessed with a child, when they observe this fast. As per popular beliefs the couple who is looking forward to have kids should recite Santaan Gopal Mantra, offer yellow fruits and flowers to God.

Kamada Ekadashi 2021: Puja Vidhi

- After taking bath early in the morning, light diya, incense sticks, apply sandalwood paste and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu.
- Offer flowers, milk based products, satvik food, fruits and dry fruits.
- As Kamada Ekadashi fast starts on the tenth day that is the dashmi day, devotees take single meal before sunset, on the previous day.
- People listen to the katha, vrat story and also chant mantras.
- Devotees also read Vishnu Sahastranama.

Kamada Ekadashi 2021: Vrat Katha

Lord Krishna narrated this story to Yudhishthira where Apsara Lalita and Gandharva Lalit served in the court of Bhagipur king Pundarika. One day due to the absence of his beloved Lalita, Gandharva Lalit could not perform well in the court. And Pundarik who got annoyed cursed him to transform into an ugly demon. Post which Gandhavrva started wandering. And later Lalita chased him, at Vindhyachal mountain where she came across a sage Shringi who advised her to observe the fast of Kamada Ekadashi in Chaitra month. Post following the rituals, Gandharva could get rid of the king's curse and regained his original form.

Kamada Ekadashi 2021: Date and time

Kamada Ekadashi is falling on Friday April 23, 2021, 

Kamada Ekadashi tithi begins: 11:35 pm on April 22, 2021
Kamada Ekadashi tithi ends: 09:47 pm on April 23, 2021
Kamada Ekadashi paran: 05:47 am to 08:24 am April 24, 2021

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal