New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The birth anniversary of Mahakavi Kalidas Ji is celebrated on November 19 across the country. Kalidas was one of the legendary poets and drama writers of the Sanskrit language. Kalidas was not only a great poet and playwriter but he was also a scholar of the Sanskrit language. The talented writer has written many couplets and that has counted him among the best poets in the world.

Kalidas Ji's work was authored during the 4th-5th century, and his actual birth year is not known. The medieval age books suggest that Kalidas was a court poet of a king named Vikramaditya.

However, there is a famous story of Kalidas that says that once a scholarly princess decided to find herself a suitable groom by testing men in her kingdom by their knowledge and intellect, but no one could pass the test and she even insulted the chief minister's son and rejected his marriage proposal. To take the revenge the minister started looking for the most unsuitable man for her. The minister found shepherd Kalidas, who fared poorly, and was greatly humiliated by the princess. He was challenged by the Princess and he started studying Puranas and other ancient texts, and thus he became a great poet.

After this, he wrote three epics starting with the words of his insult: "Asti Kaschit Vaagvisesha " From these three words he embraced, he wrote his three classic books. From “asti” = asti-uttarasyaam dishi, he produced the epic “Kumarasambhava”; from “Kaschit” = kashchit-kaantaa, he wrote the poem “Meghaduta” and from “Vagvisheshah”= vaagarthaaviva, he wrote the epic “Raghuvamsa".

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma