New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Kalidas Jayanti is observed on November 19 to mark the birth anniversary of Mahakavi Kalidas Ji. Kalidas Ji was a great scholar of literature, who composed many wonderful and unmatched works from the ocean of his knowledge. The talented poet Kalidas Ji has made a distinct identity in world literature by creating excellent works of his plays, songs, epics. Kalidas was not only a great poet and playwright, but he was also a scholar of the Sanskrit language. Kalidas Ji has also composed many such couplets with his visionary and welfare thinking and great ideas, which counts him among the best poets in the world.

Kalidas Ji's great thinking, best ideas and foresight are clearly visible in his couplets. Along with this, he took special care of literary beauty in his couplets and creations as well as idealistic tradition and moral values. On the other hand, if any person actually executes their couplets and ideas in their life, they can surely become a successful person.

Kalidas Couplets (Dohe)/Quotes

1. Just as the sun is red at the time of sunrise, just as the sun is red at sunset, similarly a great and patient man remains the same in both his happiness and sorrow.

2. Gentlemen are those who fulfill the expectations of others without saying anything in the same way as the sun spreads its light in every house.

3. The demerit of any person is like a hole in the bottom of the boat, which, whether small or big, dips the boat, in the same way, the evils of any bad person will eliminate it.

4. Charity only gives happiness in the hereafter, while the service of a worthy child brings happiness in both the world and the world.

5. Nothing becomes good when it becomes old, nor does any poem become useless by being new, while the good qualities and nature of the person only identify his good or bad, that is, the virtuous person everywhere is respected - Gets respect.

Posted By: Srishti Goel