New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Jyeshtha Gauri Avahana 2021, is one of the most important festivals of the Marathi community as it is dedicated to Goddess Gauri aka Parvati. This special festival is observed during Ganesh Chaturthi and is celebrated for three days starting from Jyeshtha Gauri Avahana, followed by Jyeshtha Gauri Puja and concludes on Jyeshtha Gauri Visarjan. Also known as Gowri Puja or Jyeshtha Gauri Pujan, this year, the auspicious festival will start on September 12 and conclude on September 14, 2021. 

On this day, the Marathi community worship Goddess Gauri, mother of Lord Ganesha. Married women observe a day-long-fast for three days to seek blessings for the betterment of their family and children. As per Marathi belief, unmarried women can also observe the fast for an ideal husband.

Jyeshtha Gauri Avahana 2021: Date & Shubh Muhurat

Date: September 12, Sunday

Anuradha Nakshatra Begins - 09:50 AM on Sep 12, 2021

Anuradha Nakshatra Ends - 08:24 AM on Sep 13, 2021

Jyeshtha Gauri Puja 2021: Date & Shubh Muhurat

Date: September 13, Monday

Jyeshtha Nakshatra Begins - 08:24 AM on Sep 13, 2021

Jyeshtha Nakshatra Ends - 07:05 AM on Sep 14, 2021

Jyeshtha Gauri Visarjan 2021: Date & Shubh Muhurat

Date: September 14, Tuesday

Mula Nakshatra Begins - 07:05 AM on Sep 14, 2021

Mula Nakshatra Ends - 05:55 AM on Sep 15, 2021

Jyeshtha Gauri Avahana 2021: Significance

As per belief, it was on this day, that is, after two days of Ganesh Chaturthi, Goddess Parvati came down to Earth from Kailash Parvatha. Also, Gauri puja is considered as Upasana of Goddess Lakshmi in some regions. Just like Goddess Ganesha, the idol of Goddess Gauri is brought home with great pomp and fervour. And after three days, devotees do visarjana, that is, says goodbye to the goddess.

Jyeshtha Gauri Avahana 2021: Puja Vidhi

- Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes

- Decorate your house temple and place the idol of Goddess Gauri

- Make her wear new clothes and ornaments to Goddess Gauri

- Do tilak, offer incense stick and flowers

- Chanta mantras and offer prasad

- Conclude puja by doing aarti

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