Janmashtami 2022 Date and Time: Know Shubh Muhurat, History And Significance Of Gokulashtami

Janmashtami 2022 Date and Time: This day celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is worshipped in his toddler form.

By Simran Srivastav
Updated: Fri, 19 Aug 2022 09:20 AM IST
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Janmashtami 2022 Date and Time: Know Shubh Muhurat, History And Significance Of Gokulashtami
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The auspicious occasion of Janmashtami is here and everyone is all set for the celebrations. From buying decorative items to making prasad, people are in great enthusiasm. The festival is marked as the birth of Lord Krishna. Devotees of Lord Krishna enjoy the festival with great enthusiasm across the country. On this day, devotees observe a fast in order to show their devotion to Lord Krishna. Also called Bal Gopal, Kanha, Laddu Gopal and many more, Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu

Janmashtami 2022: Date and Time

This year, Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on August 18 and 19, 2022. The Ashtami Tithi will begin on August 18 at 9:20 PM and will end on August 19 at 10:59 PM.

Ashtami Tithi Begins - 09:20 PM on August 18, 2022
Ashtami Tithi Ends - 10:59 PM on August 19, 2022
Rohini Nakshatra Begins - 01:53 AM on August 20, 2022
Rohini Nakshatra Ends - 04:40 AM on August 21, 2022

Janmashtami 2022: History

Lord Krishna was the eighth son born to princess Devaki and her husband Vasudeva in Mathura city. But he was raised by Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul. It is believed that he came to Earth to kill the King and his uncle Kansa and free the people from Kansa's atrocities. Later, he played a significant role in the Mahabharat war as well and supported Pandavas.

Janmashtami 2022: Significance

Lord Krishna is depicted wearing a yellow silk Dhoti. He has a flute in his hand and a peacock feather crown. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and the toddler form of Lord Krishna, known as Bal Gopal and Laddu Gopal, is worshipped on the day of Krishna Janmashtami. Temples are decorated and Dahi handi is one of the ways to celebrate this festival. Apart from Lord Krishna, his biological parents Vasudeva and Devaki, his foster parents Nanda and Yashoda, and his siblings Lord Balarama and Subhadra are also worshipped on this day.

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