Jamsu: All You Need To Know About The Viral Korean Beauty Hack

Try this Jamsu beauty method and feel the change in your skinĀ 

Jamsu: All You Need To Know About The Viral Korean Beauty Hack
Image Credit: Pexels

TODAY'S INTERNET is flooded with K-drama lovers, and not only that, but girls are developing huge crushes on the show's actors. While K-beauty, often referred to as Korean skincare, is stirring up the internet like never before. Whether it's beauty hacks or Korean cosmetic trends, everyone is going crazy over their newly acquired knowledge of Korean beauty trends and products. The "Jamsu" beauty hack is one of the many DIY Korean beauty tricks that Indian women are currently experimenting with. Here is all the information you need to know about the beauty hack.

What Is Jamsu Beauty?

The term Jamsu Beauty is essentially a Korean phrase that meaning "submerging," and the method itself entails immersing one's face in water. The Jamsu method is what is used in this.

What Steps Make Up The Jamsu Technique?

The only thing you need to do is apply makeup to your face first, then once you're done, just immerse your face into a bowl of cold water to seal the makeup and set it to perfection. This may sound crazy, but it truly works. The foundation that was overly loaded is removed by the water, which also gives you a more radiant and natural appearance.

What Advantages Does The Jamsu Method Offer?

Ice water may do wonders to moisturise dry skin and can also aid in the treatment of acne because it seals open pores.

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