New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A CIA officer who traveled to India with the agency Director William Burns earlier this month suffered Havana syndrome-like symptoms. This case marked the first Havana syndrome to be reported in India. The so-called Havana syndrome is a mysterious neurological illness that affected several American Diplomats and spies in various parts of the world reported Reuters citing CNN.

After reporting for similar symptoms to that of Havana, the CIA official was immediately tested and later was sent for medical treatment. According to the reports, "Some 200 U.S. officials and family members have been sickened by Havana syndrome, a mysterious set of ailments that include migraines, nausea, memory lapses and dizziness, and the first case was reported by officials based in the U.S. embassy in Cuba in 2016."

What is Havana Syndrome and its symptoms?

Havana syndrome can be termed as a mysterious illness that results in migraines, nausea, memory lapses, vertigo, dizziness, and intense headaches. "Being hit by an invisible wave," some victims described the illness. Symptoms of the disease range from mild headaches to permanent brain damage and the mysterious illness since then have affected scores of diplomats, spies, and their family members.

People diagnosed with the above-mentioned symptoms reported that the condition can be medically treated and is temporary. However, there is a slight possibility that the disease may affect for a longer time to others.

What causes Havana syndrome?

There are no confirmed reasons for what causes the illness so far. Doctors, Scientists and other government officials are still conducting the investigation on the causes of the mysterious illness.
According to Reuters, the US National Academy of Sciences thinks the most plausible theory is that “directed, pulsed radiofrequency energy” causes the syndrome. But hard evidence is yet to be found.

Origin of Havana Syndrome

The "Havana syndrome", first surfaced in December 2016 in Cuba. The first case was reported among officials who were part of the American and Canadian diplomatic missions to Havana, Cuba, in the wake of an apparent thaw in the US-Cuba relations. After the first case in Cuba, US governments employees have reported similar symptoms in China and Washington.

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Posted By: Ashita Singh