New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: In the past few weeks several disease outbreaks have been reported in India apart from the already existing coronavirus. Each disease has different symptoms and different reactions to a person's body. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, different states in India have witnessed different infections.

In many states like UP, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and dengue and viral fever have spread their web. In Uttar Pradesh, the disease has claimed more than 50 lives and several were found positive for the viral disease. Out of 342 total samples for the dengue test, 107 were found positive in UP and 8 cases of dengue were detected in Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra, 12 people were also detected positive for Malaria. In the current monsoon season, the breeding activity of mosquitoes has risen which has led to several outbreaks in these viral fevers. Amid all these different kind of diseases, which more or less has same symptoms that include fever, body ache, and breathing difficulties, know how to identify the illness and how they are different here:

How Dengue is different from COVID-19?
-COVID-19 and dengue have some same symptoms but they both are totally different.

-Dengue is caused by viral infection due to a bite of a mosquito(Aedes aegypti) while, COVID-19 is also a viral disease but it spreads through respiratory droplets from one person to another.

-Covid-19 is transmissible while Dengue is not a disease that communicates from person to person.

-COVID-19 symptoms are chills, cough shortness of breath or fatigue, or difficulty in smell or taste while the most common symptoms of dengue fever are aches, body pain, nausea, vomiting, and rashes.

How is Flu different from COVID-19?

-Seasonal flu or common flu is an allergic reaction to a sudden change in weather or environment, also the flu sometimes can also be caused due to a virus. While the coronavirus causes an acute infection in humans.

-Seasonal flu has symptoms that are short and abrupt while COVID-19 symptoms are more gradual and the virus is deadly.

-The seasonal flu can be treated with medical attention and according to doctors in seasonal flu eating and drinking healthy is preferred. Also washing hands and avoiding contact with others is advised. In case of a stuffed or blocked nose, decongestants are advised to relieve difficulty in breathing and clearing sinuses. Nasal steroid sprays are also advised. For coughing, antitussives (cough suppressants) are advised for immediate relief.

-While, COVID-19 has no official medical treatment or medicine but vaccine doses which apparently lessen the effect of the virus in our bodies. Maintaining physical distance and timely gargle and herbal teas are recommended by doctors to curb the effects of COVID 19.

Posted By: Ashita Singh