New Delhi | Jagran Health Desk: According to the World Health Organisation, 56 million Indians suffer from depression. It is one of the most important health issues which needs to be discussed, specially in the wake of COVID-19's global pandemic. A lot of people have suffered mental health issues during the lockdown period and depression and anxiety were major among them. Therefore, to have a better understanding of the health condition, we had a detailed conversation with some experts on Jagran Dialogues about the symptoms, tips to cope, and the treatment of depression.

Jagran New Media’s Urvashi Kapoor and Sanyukta Baijal held a comprehensive discussion with psychiatrist Dr. Navendu Gaur and consultant clinical psychologist Dr. Manisha Gaur. And here are a few questions which our experts answered for us.

Q. What is depression and what are its symptoms?

Dr. Navendu answered, "In today's world depression has taken a form of a pandemic, 1 out of 20 people in India are suffering from depression symptoms which is a huge number. Depression affects the daily life of a person for example a patient may feel very sad, she or he may feel fatigued, they may find it difficult to concentrate, decision-making skills are hampered, seems like their future is bleak, enthusiasm to live reduces, feeling of worthlessness and helplessness surround their head. Apart from these, there are some more symptoms which are prominent including, sleeplessness, no feeling of hunger, low or no desire to perform simple daily chores and feeling anxious."

Q. What are the reasons for depression in children?

Dr. Manisha said, "The problem of depression in children is coming to light and one of the biggest reasons for it is that we have a busy life, and families usually have a lesser amount of time for each other. And more over we are moving towards a concept of nuclear families than joint families where we don't have time for our children and that's why there are constant brawls and fights in many households. Children are experiencing such these things at a very young age this is why the cases of depression are increasing in children. Apart from it, there can be a few genetic reasons as well like if there is someone who is already suffering from depression. Bio-chemical changes can also occur in children which are caused by environmental factors, stressful surroundings which are restricting them to open up with people."

Watch the video to know more about depression and anxiety.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal