New Delhi | Jagran Health Desk: In India, more than 40 million people have received the COVID vaccine so far. And as per the new rules of the government those who are 45 years of age and older, can get vaccinated from April 1. However, there are still many people who have a lot of questions regarding the COVID vaccine and its safety. Therefore, to have a better understanding about it, we had a detailed conversation with two experts on Jagran Dialogues about COVID-19 vaccines' myths, side effects and more. 

Jagran New Media’s Urvashi Kapoor and Sanyukta Baijal held a comprehensive discussion on the same with Dr. Kanupriya Singhal, Health Specialist, UNICEF and Dr. Nikhil Modi, Sr Consultant, Respiratory and Pulmonary Care, Apollo Hospitals.

Q. We’ve heard that the virus is mutating. What do we mean by virus mutation? Will the current vaccine work on this mutated virus?

A. Dr. Kanupriya said, "Virus mutation means when virus replicates it makes its own forms and changes genetically. This is for the virus to keep surviving, for that it goes through genetic changes which is called virus mutation. Meanwhile, the number of vaccines that are available are working against the most widespread mutation. Now till which level will they remain active is yet to be seen. Virus mutates when it gets a chance to spread, we not to stop the spreading. COVID-appropriate behaviours are very important."

Q. What do you want to say to people who are nervous about or reluctant to get the vaccine?

A. Dr. Nikhil answered, "Whenever a vaccine is introduced, it goes through a series of trials. The three-level efficacy check is already done. 60 per cent to 70 per cent efficacy is also considered very useful. Covaxin and Covishield's efficacy rates are almost 70- 80 per cent. Covaxin's trials are here, it is showing 82 per cent efficacy after phase 3. Vaccine is safe however if someone has drug allergy or some other problem then it is said that you should avoid. I want to tell people from your medium that vaccines are totally safe, please go for it. It will benefit you, herd immunity then we'll be able to control COVID."

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Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal