New Delhi | Jagran Health Desk: COVID-19 cases are on a surge and how. Millions of people are getting affected by the deadly virus both physically and mentally. Therefore, in such a scenario many states and regions have imposed curfews and lockdown across the nation. This makes it even more important to take care of your health as this virus impacts your oxygen levels too. Yes, many are complaining about breathing difficulties as per their oxygen levels in the blood. Now, under what circumstances should one go and see a doctor? And what level of oxygen in blood can prove to be dangerous? Know it all from the expert:

Expert's opinion

According to, doctor Gunjan Mittal says that not every patient infected with COVID-19 is required to be admitted to the hospital. In case you happen to be corona positive and the oxygen level in your blood is good, then the doctor advises you to practice self-quarantine at home. Meanwhile, if the oxygen level in your blood decreases, then it is mandatory for a person to get immediate treatment in the hospital. As per the expert, the level of oxygen in the blood should be 95 or more. But level below 95 can be alarming. 

Get an oximeter

If you have been infected with COVID-19 virus then make sure to have an oximeter at home that will help you keep a track of your oxygen levels in blood. An oximeter is a device that gets clipped to your finder tip and can measure the level of oxygen present in your blood which will be indicated on a mini digital screen present on the device. This is not just used in hospitals, but also a lot of people are buying one for their homes to examine themselves. 

Things to keep in mind

  • If you are COVID-19 positive, then get an oximeter to keep a check on the level of oxygen in your blood.
  • If your oxygen level in the blood is below 95, immediately see a doctor.
  • Also, try and avoid home remedies and other internet hacks to increase oxygen levels. It's the time to get yourself checked and to get treated.
  • Incase if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, undergo a test as soon as possible and also get oxygen levels checked as well.


Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal