As billions of people across the world eagerly wait for a coronavirus cure, India's Covid-19 vaccine candidate Covaxin has shown promising results in phase 1 trials. According to latest report of TOI, the Covaxin which was administered on four volunteers in Karnataka has not shown any side effects. All the four volunteers are reportedly in good health after one month of receiving vaccine doses.

The booster shots of this vaccine has been develpoed by Bharat Biotech, the volunteers were given shots at Jeevan Rekha hospital that was chosen for human clinical trials by the ICMR.

It is reported that there were two males and female volunteers each at this hospital among 325 people who are under observation in the first phase of clinical trials that are running across the country.

About 750 people are going to participate in the second phase of Covaxin trial that will run across eight centres and allocation of volunteers to Jeevan Rekha Hospital is awaited.

The TOI reported that the hospital authorities will start the next phase anytime soon. They added to it that the first four volunteers received two shots each at a gap of 14 days- on July 31 and August 14.

The analysis of the four volunteers is being conducted in which their blood samples are being sent to ICMR at regular intervals. The volunteers are being monitored by a team of doctors and are asked to stay away from covid19 patients.

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