New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Annually, on November 16, the UN celebrates International Day for Tolerance to raise awareness about the repercussions of the increasing intolerance. Amidst the increasing intolerance and violence over everything in the world, days like International Day for Tolerance 2021 are much needed in this era. As the name goes, this special day is observed to promote tolerance, understanding between cultures, communities and people.  

International Day for Tolerance was recognised by the UN General Assembly in 1996 on November 16. Ever since the special day is being observed on the same date every year. UNESCO declared this day to raise general awareness in public about the repercussions of the increasing intolerance.

On this day institutions, schools, organisations hold special seminars, events, programs, etc to spread awareness about widening conflicts and disregard for human life how important it is for people to restore tolerance for the sake of humanity.  

So, here we are with a few wishes, quotes, messages and more on the International Day for Tolerance 2021. Take a look

On the special day of International day of Intolerance, let us come together and make this world a better place to live in for everyone.

It is a day that reminds us that our enemy is the best teacher that teaches us the most valuable lessons of life. Stay tolerant, Stay calm!

Respect those who tolerate the weak because those individuals are the strongest. Wishing you all a great day of Intolerance and peace.

Learn to be tolerant and contribute towards peaceful and smooth relations. Have a great day!

Being tolerant is all about how you treat and lead other people. Be your teacher and cultivate the habit of tolerance.

“We already have enough intolerant people in this world and what we need now are the people who are more tolerant. Wishing a very Happy International Tolerance Day to all.”

“If you can tolerate then you can surely contribute towards peace in some way. We all must practice intolerance for a better world. Happy International Tolerance Day.”

“The occasion of International Tolerance Day reminds that intolerance is harmful in so many ways and therefore we must embrace tolerance.”

“Just by showing a little tolerance, you can make peace with people around you in so many ways. Warm wishes on International Tolerance Day to you.”

Let us come together and adopt the approach of living together in peace, encourage tolerance and cooperation, and fill lives with prosperity.

On this day of tolerance and peace, let us all pledge to spread peace and happiness.

“This world would be a much better place to live in if all of us could be a little more tolerant in our lives. Warm wishes on International Tolerance Day.”

“Never consider a man who tolerates weak because he is the strongest of all and we must respect him. Wishing a very Happy International Tolerance Day.”

Peace begins with respect and tolerance for everyone. Wishing you all a great day of Intolerance and peace.

Being at peace makes you tolerant, being intolerant brings in disorder and negativity. Learn to be calm and spread positivity.

“A little tolerance from both the sides can smoothen relationships in good ways. Warm wishes on International Tolerance Day to everyone. Let us learn to be more tolerant.”

“The International Tolerance Day is a reminder to each one of us that together we can bring peace and happiness in this world by being a little more tolerant.”

“When it comes to tolerance, the best teacher in this world for us is our enemy. Practicing intolerance towards the enemy will make you a winner. Happy International Tolerance Day.”

“Let us come together to celebrate the unique day of International Tolerance Day together by spreading peace and happiness around. Warm wishes on this day.”

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal