New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: International Coffee Day is observed on 1st October every year to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of all those people who are associated with the coffee business and promoted it as a beverage across the world. This day was first observed in 2015 in Milan to promote fair trade coffee. Undoubtedly, coffee is one of the most important parts of our daily life. It boosts energy, tastes good, burns fat and helps us in staying awake. Apart from that, it is also an excuse to spend some quality time with our close ones. Here are some amazing roasters, Coffee houses and cafe for coffee lovers.

1.Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is an American shop that has many outlets in India. They have immense popularity for their coffee beans and their incredible fragrance. Coffee lovers cannot resist themselves from visiting them. They luxurious cafes, hence, the price is a bit high. Starbucks outlets in India also serve Indian smacks and platters along with coffee for customer's satisfaction.

2. Third Wave Coffee Roasters: Bengaluru

The coffee beans from southern India are already very famous because of its large production in the region. Bengaluru is a tech-driven city and life runs at a very high pace. For competition in this field, you need more energy and coffee is the best source for it. Bengaluru has a popular restaurant named Third Wave Coffee Roasters for their uniquely brewed coffee. The luxury sitting space and allowing customers to choose their own coffee make this space more special. If you know your coffee well, must visit there.

3. G-Shot Coffee Roastery and Cafe: Goa

G-Shot Coffee Roastery and Cafe will give you an experience of terrific dark taste as they only serve single-origin beans. They have a special collection of coffee that is roasted and aromatic. They do everything from espresso to cold brews but their specialty is Vietnamese-style coffee. This is indeed one of the best coffee places in India.

4. Coffee Culture: Mumbai

Coffee Culture has many branches in the metro cities of India and they all popular for their excellent service. But it has one of the liveliest and colourful cafes in Mumbai. It's the exuberant ambiance, peaceful crowd and frothy cappuccino are perfect to make your day.

5.Statue Circle: Jaipur

India is popularly known for its street food and Chai ki Thadi; how about Thadi ki Coffee. Yes, Statue Circle is a well-known place in Jaipur and there is a coffee shop located near that circle. This a small shop that delivers hundreds of coffee cups a day. People specially visit there to have coffee and to spend time in the open air. If you visit Jaipur, this coffee deserves a try.

Posted By: Srishti Goel