New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The whole nation is celebrating the Indian Air Force Day today to mark the 88th anniversary of the Indian Air Force (IAF). The day, every year is marked by celebrations by the IAF at the Hindon Air Base in Ghaziabad near Delhi. 

IAF day is celebrated to increase the awareness about Indian air force and the role it plays in the national security. The day is celebrated in air force bases all across the nation with air shows and parades conducted by air force cadets

During the celebrations at the Hindon Base in Ghaziabad, a scintillating air show by various aircraft is displayed by the IAF pilots. The celebrations also include an air display where the most crucial and vintage aircraft put up a magnificent show.

Date and Time for Indian Air Force Day:

The Indian Air Force Day will be celebrated on October 8, Thursday (today) at the Hindon Base in Ghaziabad near Delhi. The ceremony usually starts at 8 am and continue till 11 am.

Why we celebrate Indian Air Force Day on October 8?

The Indian Air Force, also known as Bhartiya Vayu Sena, was officially established on October 8, 1932, by the British Empire, as India was under the rule of Britishers at that time. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is the air arm of the three Indian armed forces and their primary mission was to secure the Indian airspace and conduct aerial activities during the times of conflict.

The first ac flight of the IAF came into being on April 1, 1933. Under the British rule, the IAF was called the 'Royal Indian Air Force'. However, after Independence (In 1950), with the government's transition to a Republic, it changed to Indian Air Force.

The President of India holds the rank of Supreme Commander of the air force. The Chief of Air Staff, an air chief marshal is responsible for the operational command of the air force. More than 170,000 personnel are in service with the Indian Air Force. Its personnel and aircraft assets rank fourth amongst the air forces of the world.

The air force is divided into five operational and two functional commands. Each command is supervised by an Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief with the rank of Air Marshal. The purpose of an operational command is to conduct military operations using aircraft within its area of responsibility, and functional command’s responsibility is to maintain combat readiness.

Posted By: Talib Khan