New Delhi/New York | Jagran News Desk: Being an engineer or a doctor usually emerge as a ‘safe’ career option in a STEM-obsessed (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) nation like India where a passion-oriented profession like Graphic Designing rarely finds itself on the front seat of the vehicle of society. However, the story of New Delhi-raised and currently New York-based graphic designer Navya Jhunjhunwala stands different. It's not just her passion for graphically depicting the realities of today's Instagram savvy culinary world that drives her typical day but also the long nurtured obsession for food and the millennial tag of foodie that comes with it.

In a rather unique blend of her adult-life foodie identity and eye for design, Navya's unconventionality can amaze a passive observer for the impeccable detailing of the culinary world that she brings out graphically.

Through her food blog page @nyconthetable, she not just brings New York City to the table, but that's the route along which she connected with new and upcoming restaurants and start-ups in New York. This became Navya's cornerstone in the industry where her love for food complemented her passion for graphic designing. Soon, she began to undertake several projects in New York City for well-known restaurants such as Junzi Kitchen, ‘Sorso’, ‘Arki’ and more.

Her deep-seated understanding of the food industry as a consumer made her the perfect fit serving on the other side of these businesses as a designer.

One of Navya's most well-known projects is the rebranding of New York City’s ‘pandemic favorite’ bakery – ‘Best Damn Cookies’. From colour palette to font selection the designer used key elements of brand strategy and comprehension to create a new unique brand identity. Pedestrians now see Navya’s designs come to life as they cross Manhattan’s Market Line in the Lower East, making her dream one step closer to reality.

The evolution in the world of graphic design along with the creative minds of young designers like Navya is a testament to the future digital era we live in. This not just depicts the digital synchronisation of the making of brands but also the internet-driven conditioning of businesses to attract the younger generation to opt for their goods and services.

Posted By: Subhasish Dutta