New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Are you looking for promotion? Will you get a raise this month? Will April be good for you financially? Find an answer to all such questions through your zodiac sign. Just scroll down and take a look at how the month of April will turn out to be for your career and professional growth. 


Many interesting opportunities are awaited this month. Saturn is based in Capricorn sign which is its own house. it will help and improve your performance. You will get strength to enhance your performance. You will receive appreciation and support at work


Luck and fortune will support you as Saturn is placed in your house of luck. Higher authorities will recognise your work and will appreciate it. So keep in touch with seniors and communicate with them. Travel will be beneficial for you. Struggle in business with ease down.


You may face obstacles in your career. You should gain strength to overcome challenges. Switching to another job or change of workplace is predicted. Decisions regarding the profession should be cautiously taken. In business, partnership may not be very beneficial.


This is a favourable period, promotions and increments are on your way. Mars, a planet of energy, will boost your strength and encourage you for new ventures. Try to avoid controversies and arguments at workplace. You will get travel opportunities. Favourable time for businessmen.


This is a time for great achievements, your hard work will help you to come out of odd situations. Your seniors will recognize your work and ability. Due to Jupiter in your 6th house you may face controversies from enemies. Businessmen should avoid new investments. 


This is the time to move forward, but be careful to switch over jobs. Saturn in 5th house will incline you to switch jobs but think before making decisions. You will feel confused and anxious so take important decisions with care. Businessmen will get benefits.


People will be in comfort zone which can make them lose out on opportunities. Should learn to convert good ideas into action to get appreciation at workplace. Businessmen should invest in diverse projects. 


Performance will not be up to the mark due to overconfidence and lethargic behaviour. You may regret because of your wring and hasty decisions. The month of April will be good for businessmen.


This time is a time of achievements but it will only happen due to hard work and continuous efforts. Your confidence and courage will improve your performance at work. Tasks will be done smoothly and efficiently. Businessmen will earn more profits.


Your organised and responsible behaviour towards work will give you recognition and rewards. Luck will also support you and you will get positive results. Businessmen should avoid speculations and shortcuts.


This is a time of ups and downs in your profession. You will get supported by co-workers to complete your task. Natives seeking new jobs will be hired. Businessmen will travel a lot to get good results if the work will be done after a good analysis. 


This is a time for great profits and gain. Pisceans will get support from authorities as well as from peers. Maintain communication with co-workers to get fruits of your efforts. Businessmen with good efforts will earn great profits.  

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal