New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The second strain of COVID-19 infection is becoming severe with every passing day. The situation all over the country is so intense as the infection is spreading twice as fast as it was last year. And this time it is not just affecting older adults but people of all age groups. And things get worse when a person is already suffering from a serious illness. At the same time, even if you are obese, this infection can cause problems for you.

As per the doctors, patients infected with COVID-19 can usually recover in about two weeks if there's nothing severe. But, if one is suffering from obesity or has other health issues then it might be a little difficult for them to overcome the disease so soon. Obese people require higher ventilation pressure when they are deficient in oxygen. Therefore, their treatment becomes a major challenge. So, amidst this, it is very important to take even more care of your health as this time the risk is way higher. 

How obesity can be a threat? 

Many experts believe that people who are suffering from obesity or the ones who have more fat in their abdomen area, are taking more time duration to recover from COVID-19 than the people who are thinner. In some cases, it is seen that obese patients suffering from COVID-19 infection are more likely to need ventilators than others. There are many more difficulties that can be faced by people who are overweight or obese during coronavirus. Take a look:

  • The pressure of the abdomen decreases lung capacity in obese people.
  • Lungs tend to shrink due to fat present in the body and makes it difficult for the organs to breathe.
  • If the level of oxygen in the body starts decreasing, then for the obese people, proning gets nearly impossible.
  • Immunity sleep apnea due to obesity also keeps the oxygen saturation level low in such people.
  • If you have fat in your body, it may cause swelling quickly.
  • Immunity of obese people decreases which can prove to be dangerous in such a scenario. 

Weight loss is important

If you are also suffering from obesity, then it is better to start making changes in lifestyle in time to reduce weight. Also change diet with daily workouts. Walk for 30 minutes daily and then do cardio workouts. Do not eat fried foods, eat more fruits and seasonal vegetables. If possible, have a dietician follow a diet chart.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal