New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: It is important to know about the movement of stars as they play an important part in shaping someone’s life and his decisions and to make the best of the day. By knowing about your zodiac signs predictions, you can change or mould your decisions to get the best from every situation. So to help you in that, here are the astrological predictions for September 5.

Aries: Today there can be useful discussions with officers or elders. Good day to expand work. Do not try to work in a new way.

Taurus: Today you will feel spiritual happiness and peace. With the help of friends, you can get opportunities for enjoyment and entertainment. If there is tension going on in the relationship, try to solve it.

Gemini: In many cases, the day will be good. You can get praise in whatever work you do. Do not spoil the relationship by unnecessarily doubting your partner.

Cancer: Today you will start with concentration on the business front. Be careful while driving and control the speed. Carefully maintain a proper distance from other drivers.

Leo: The mind of the natives doing business or jobs will remain stuck in many dilemmas. There is a possibility of protest in the workplace. Be alert and think about defeating opponents.

Virgo: In secret, you will be very active. You may also have to help a friend. There may be problems in a job or business. Take the workplace environment seriously.

Libra: You will be very successful in money matters, shopping and bargaining. Put a little control on your fast-paced attitude. Saying something in anger does not make your point right.

Scorpio: You will make good progress in the business. Will be able to achieve success in the second half of the week. Avoid making the private information of others public.

Sagittarius: Many areas of life will improve. You will be well-fed with friends. Do not let negative thoughts wander around you. Be careful or else you will be at a loss.

Capricorn: You are likely to make an expensive gift-shopping to please your beloved character. If you are struggling with lack of energy, do not do excessive work.

Aquarius: There will be determination and courage in you. Because of which you will be able to gather the ability to do new work. Avoid getting entangled in unnecessary disputes today or else there will be trouble.

Pisces: You can find a solution to a big problem. Today will be a good day in many cases. There are chances of some dispute in married life. Stay away from arguments.

Posted By: Talib Khan