New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A new day always brings new opportunities for us and provides us with a chance to prove our mettle in different fields of life. However, we might face some challenges as well and that’s why it becomes important for us to prepare for the day in advance. So if you want to know how your day will pass, check it out here:

Aries: Today the stars are in your favour and will help you solve all the problems. If you are a student, then you will have a wonderful day and you can expect some surprises.

Taurus: You need to be a bit of health-conscious as the stars are not looking in your favour. Your spouse will provide you with the much-needed support and help you complete a pending task.

Gemini: Today your courage is going to increase, you will not run away from hard work. There will be busyness in domestic life. Avoid conflicting with your spouse. Keep your anger under control.


Cancer: You will get some mixed results in the works related to your professional life. Today there will be a spurt in expenses. Will spend a good time with the family. Do not turn away from family responsibilities.

Leo: Today you can be more worried about children because things related to their health can be disturbing. Do not reach any conclusion in haste today. Stay health-conscious.

Virgo: Today you can think of some new work and will think about improving your financial situation. There will be a profit in business. Avoid over-dependence on colleagues today.


Libra: You will show interest in social work today and help people around you. Your creativity will help you impress your seniors at the office. Your financial condition will improve.

Scorpio: Today the struggle in the field of work is going to be more. If you are in a new place, then opponents can create some problems for you. Do not be discouraged to increase mental anxiety today.

Sagittarius: There will be some new opportunities during work. You will also get a good result of your hard work. Do not leave your work to others today. Do not trust others too much.

Capricorn: In business, you will get the support of new people, which can also have an impact on new schemes. Do not show any irregularity in working today. Pay special attention to your health.

Aquarius: Your hard work will help sail through the day. You might face some challenges but don’t worry as the stars are in your favour. Your financial condition will improve.

Pisces: You will get the much-needed support from your life partner today. Your family reputation will increase. You will likely get some success at the professional front. Stay health-conscious and workout daily. 

Posted By: Talib Khan