Horoscope Today, October 21, 2021: Taureans will achieve their goals in professional life; know about Aries, Leo and other zodiac signs here

Know what the stars have in store for you. Read the astrological prediction for your zodiac sign and plan your day accordingly.

By Mallika Mehzabeen
Updated: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 08:51 AM IST
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Horoscope Today, October 21, 2021: Taureans will achieve their goals in professional life; know about Aries, Leo and other zodiac signs here
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New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The position of stars plays an essential role in our lives, and so are astrological predictions. So scroll down below, and have a look at your daily horoscope in order to plan your day well.

Aries - Today is a good day for you as you will have the full support of your family. If you are wondering to buy any electronic gadgets then today is the perfect day for you. However, be careful while spending as you may end up spending more, and your expenditure will increase. There are also indications of attending any social or family celebration.

Taurus - In order to achieve your goals, you have to do a lot of hard work and put the effort into it. Be careful while driving as there is a chance that you may experience an accident. Take special care of your health and avoid eating junk food.

Gemini - Today, you have to struggle hard to achieve your goals, due to which you may remain tense and tired. However, with the support of your siblings you will have the strength and courage to fight back, so be patient and focus on work. Relations with the spouse will remain cordial. Your children will also be successful in getting the best results.

Cancer- Today, there will be a festive atmosphere in your family, or you will be involved in some social activity. Your financial side will remain good. There are different sources through which you will get the money in your account. However, you may face a problem in your right eye so, be careful. You will get the support of your spouse in family work.

Leo - Today, you may feel extravagance and sadness due to disappointing results in every field. Therefore, be patient and chant the mantra of Moon planet to solve the problems. Be careful while traveling.

Virgo - Today is a very auspicious day to invest as investments done today will prove to be helpful for you in difficult times. There are unexpected possibilities of some people coming to your house as guests. However, take care of your health.

Libra - Today is the lucky day for you as you will get respect and love from people in society. You will also end up making good profits in trade. Today is also an auspicious day for you to invest in betting. Overall, the day will be pleasant for you.

Scorpio - If you are a businessman, then today is the best day for you to start with new beginnings. Your health will remain good. You will also participate in religious functions. Your attachment towards your spouse will increase.

Sagittarius - Today, you may feel a little sad due to obstacles in work. Be careful while driving. Arguments may arise due to ideological differences with the spouse. Be cautious while treating people badly, as you may face unnecessary problems.

Capricorn - If you are unmarried then, there will be marriage proposals for you. People who are in business will get a new and good business partner. Relationship with spouse will be good. There are indications of getting money or financial assistance from the in-law's side. Be careful about your health.

Aquarius- Today, your health may remain bad so take good care of your health. Do not share your work strategies as you may get betrayed by people. Also, do not borrow money from people as it will get difficult for you to pay back. If you are appearing for competitive exams, then you will achieve success, however, you have to struggle for it. Avoid any unnecessary arguments.

Pisces - Business people can take important decisions for their business. If you are in a job, then your day will remain normal. Your health will be good, and you will feel energetic.

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