New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: If you are having thoughts on what your day holds and what it might bring then, scroll and have a look at your daily horoscope. Check and plan your day accordingly.


Today will be an energetic day for you. You will focus on your goals in business and your relationship with your wife will improve. Singles can find someone with their sibling's help.


Today will be a busy day for you. You are likely to go on an outing with friends and family. Please be more careful about kids' health. You are advised to stay calm and have control over your overall action.


Be careful while deals or signing any contracts. Some silly mistake can cost a lot, so be careful. You are likely to get a promotion in the office, Couples do not discuss family matters today.


Today will be a dull day for you. But do not lose control, have patience. You are advised to not trust anyone easily and stay on alert. You shall postpone anything new.


Today is a good day for you. You are likely to get rich with some inherited things. Your dues and debts are likely to be recovered. Students are advised to think and choose their careers.


Today is a busy day for you. You can take some vital decisions at work. Your business is about to bloom. Arguments with spouses may come to an end now.


Your day is blessed today. You are likely to feel more spiritual today. You can visit your family. Couples will be happy and likely to go out.


Your day will be dull today. For protection from any harm, you are advised to chant prayers and channel your spirituality. Keep an eye on everything. Couples are advised to avoid any arguments.


You will be with your friends and family today. You might go to a party. Couples are likely to dissolve their issues. Students are advised to make decisions in terms of their careers today.


Today is good day, You will do good at work. Look out for your opponents and try extending a friendship hand. This will lead your business to improve.


Today will be a busy day. You are likely to stay focused on Kids today. Couples are likely to bring a new member to their family. Your business disputes can get solved.


Today can be hard, you might end up disappointed due to a lack of focus. negative thoughts can hover around you. Job seekers can find new hope. Singles are likely to get hitched today

Posted By: Ashita Singh