New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Finally, the weekend is here and an official day to be lazy. If you are wondering how your Saturday will be then, scroll down below and have a look at your daily horoscope. It will help you in planning out your day accordingly.


Today is likely to be a tough day for you. On the work front, you may need the help of your seniors or colleagues to complete your task. Students will need to work harder to achieve success in the upcoming exams. On the personal front, things will remain normal.


Today you may have some differences with your senior at the workplace. This might affect your promotions so you are advised to stay calm and take wise steps. On the business front, avoid getting into an argument with your partner. On the personal front, you are likley to enjoy the weekend with your family and friends.


Today, you may not get desired results of your hard work on the work front. So stay patient and hope for the best as soon it will get acknowledged. On the personal front, you may spend some romantic moments with your spouse.


Today, you are advised to avoid making excessive investments in the business. People associated with the social sector will be appreciated for their work and due to this their public support will increase.


Today, you may resolve all the misunderstandings in your personal life. Also, you may spend a happy time with family members. Jobseekers might receive a good opportunity.


Today, you may have to struggle to complete the task but in the end, you will get good results. Students will get the support of their teachers. On the personal front, you may have a pleasant day.


Today, you are likley to help others and this act will impress people around you. On the professional front, you may get some exciting news regarding the salary hikes.


Today, luck will be in your favour. However, salaried folks will have to remain careful around their colleagues as they might try to hamper your work.


Today, you may have a good day as things will go as planned. Students will get the desired results on the academic front. On the personal front, friends or relatives might visit your house.


Today, you may face some obstacles while expanding your business. So you are advised to be patient and not lose hope. Salaried folks are likely to maintain good relations with their colleagues and seniors.


Today, you are advised to not waste money on worthless stuff as it might hamper your savings. On the personal front, things will remain normal and pleasant.


Today you are advised to make valuable decisions on the business front. Salaried folks are advised to stay alert else you may get involved in a conspiracy.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv