New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: If you are wondering that how your day will turn out then, scroll down below and have a look at your daily horoscope. It will help you in planning out your day accordingly.

Aries - If you are unmarried, then you will get marriage proposals today. If you own your business, then there are chances that you will get a new business partner or business proposal. Relationship with spouse will remain cordial. There are indications of getting money or financial assistance from the in-law's side.

Taurus- Today, you may feel low because of your health. Beware of enemies and do not share your work strategies with anyone, as there are chances that you may get betrayed. Do not borrow money from anyone as it will become difficult for you to return. 

Gemini- If you are a student, then you will focus on your studies. Business people can take important decisions for their business. If you are a working professional, then your day will be normal. Your health will remain good, and you will feel energetic throughout the day.

Cancer- You will have the support of your mother in every matter. If you want to buy electronic goods, then today is the best day for it. There will be cordial relations with the life partner. There are also indications of attending any social or family celebration.

Leo - Today, you will need special hard work and effort to achieve your goals. Drive carefully as the risk of accident hovers. Take special care of your health and avoid eating junk food. You may also meet an old friend today. 

Virgo- Today, you have to struggle hard for your daily chores, due to which you may remain tense and tired. However, you will have the support of your younger sibling. You will take any decision with your courage and will work hard for its success. So be patient and keep up your work. Relations with the spouse will remain cordial.

Libra - Today, there will be a festive atmosphere in your family or you will be involved in some social activity. You will witness financial growth. You will also get money from different sources. You will get the support of your spouse in family work. 

Scorpio - Today, you may feel sad because of disappointing results in every field. So, be patient and work with concentration. Relationship with spouse will remain cordial. 

Sagittarius - Today is an auspicious day for investing, as investment made today will help you in your difficult time. There are unexpected possibilities of some people coming to your house as guests. Avoid working too much, as your health may not support you. 

Capricorn - Today is the best day of the week, as you will get success in every field. Your health will remain good. Relationship with spouse will remain cordial. Take important decisions carefully. Overall, the day will be pleasant for you. 

Aquarius- You will take part in some religious activity. Your attachment towards your spouse will increase. Health will remain good. If you are a businessman, then there are chances that you will start a new business today.

Pisces - Today, you may feel a little sad due to the obstacles in work. Be careful while driving, as fear of accident hovers. Arguments may arise due to ideological differences with the spouse. 

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen