New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Astrology plays a very important role in our lives. The movement of planets in the Vedic chart leads to positive and negative cycles. In our daily astrological forecast, we discuss health, jobs, finances, and relationship. The insights can help us make key decisions and make our daily plans successful. Wish to know if stars are in your favour today? Read below to know the details of each zodiac sign.

Aries: You will be able to solve some family financial problems. A higher officer or head of household will help you complete your task. Creative efforts will flourish.

Taurus: Long pending work project will be completed with the help of a religious teacher or father. Consistent effort on the work front will lead to success. You need to pay attention to studies.

Gemini: Family work may increase. Finances will improve. Take care of your health. Work with caution. Your boss will recognise you for your effort at work.

Cancer: Take care of your health. Be aware of road accident, theft or fire. Education or health of children may cause stress. Read holy books to calm your mind.

Leo: You will be able to seek cooperation from others. Financial condition will improve. You need to pay extra attention to studies to achieve success.

Virgo: You will recover from an illness. Confidence will increase. Family reputation will increase. The economic side will improve. You will achieve success in business.

Libra: A female officer or head of the household may lead to stress. Negligence towards health may lead to trouble. Creative projects may lead to success.

Scorpio: Keep a check on your finances. Life partner will support you in all your endeavours. A higher officer will provide encouragement to lift your spirits.

Sagittarius: A disease can cause stress. Donating something could prove beneficial. Your child may provide you some good news.

Capricorn: Expect some good news at a commercial level. Take care of your health. Father or spiritual guru will support you in your endeavours.

Aquarius: An unknown fear may affect the mind. Do not take any risk in any financial matter. Irritation might increase due to work interruptions.

Pisces: Efforts at work will prove meaningful. Family members will cooperate in your endeavours. Creative projects may lead to success. Relationships will improve. You will be highly ambitious today.

Posted By: James Kuanal