New Delhi | Jagran lifestyle Desk: The movement of planets play a crucial role in our lives. Their placement in the Vedic astrology birth chart creates auspicious and inauspicious clocks. Astrological forecasts can help you get an insight. It can be used to make important decisions and make our daily plans successful. Here, we discuss jobs, money, relationship and health in our daily astrological forecast. Will the stars will be in four favour today? Read here to know the details of your horoscope.

Aries: You need to pay attention to your studies. Family will support you in all your endeavour. Your confidence will increase.

Taurus: You are likely to be busy with some family work. A woman in the family may lead to stress. Stay calm and control the situation wisely.

Gemini: Efforts at work will bear fruit. Behaviour of a child in the family may lead to irritation. Creative projects will lead to success.

Cancer: Finances will improve. Keep yourself hydrated. Take care of your health. Life partner will support you in all your endeavour.

Leo: Take charge of your emotions. Support of higher officer or head of household will help you complete unfinished projects. Take care of your partner.

Virgo: You need to pay extra attention to your studies. Expect cooperation from higher officials on the work front. You will get success in creative work.

Libra: Work done with positive approach will be successful. Life partner will support you in your endeavours. One can get success in getting new contracts.

Scorpio: Female officers are likely to receive support at work. You need to concentrate in your studies. There will be partial improvement in your finances.

Sagittarius: Spouse will offer full support. Avoid unnecessary stress due to extra work. Don't be negligent towards your health. Creative work will reap rewards.

Capricorn: Family life will progress. You may find partial success in the field of education. Spouse may lead to stress. You will achieve partial success in the field of education.

Aquarius: Expect breakthrough in business. Money and fame will increase. You will find cooperation from a government official.

Pisces: There will be progress in the field of livelihood. Economic matters will improve partially. You may suffer from an unknown fear. Reading spiritual books will calm your mind.

Posted By: James Kuanal