New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Every day brings a new set of opportunities and challenges. So if you are wondering what Sunday has in store for you then, scroll down below and have a look at your daily horoscope. Astrological predictions help people in facing challenges, also they give an overview of the day in advance. Also, the alignment of stars helps you in knowing whether stars are in your favour or not.


Today your enemies or rivals might try to disrupt your success, so you are advised to ignore them and just focus on positive things around you. You are likely to achieve success with your hard work.


Things are likely to go as per plan and this will help you in completeing the work on time. On seeing this your boss might appreciate your work and your status might improve in front of everyone.


On the business front, you are likely to receive a proposal related to business expansion. You are advised to bring some changes to your business as it might help you achieve success.


You are advised to involve your family members and spouse when making decisions related to your career or personal life as they might help you in resolving the problem. This will increase the boding and bring harmony.


Today you might receive proposals for your business expansion. So you are advised to give a thorough thought before taking any decision. A good news is on its way for all the government jobs-related people.


Today your opponent or enemies might try to snatch your deals, so you are advised to keep a close eye on their activities. Your business will flourish and you are likley to complete all the projects on time.


Today you are likely to meet some influential people who might turn out beneficial in near future. Also, for those who are handling the business, this meeting might help in the growth of their business.


today your opponents might try to do mischief to pull you down, so you are advised to keep a close eye on your rival's activities. You are advised to pay attention to the individual actions, it might help you in understanding the surroundings.


Today you may feel dull and irritated as messy situations will be at their peak. so you are advised to focus only on the present. After noon you might start feeling better as things will be under control. You are advised to avoid projects that are risky, else it might harm the business.


Today you are advised to look after your health as some health issues is on the card. On the personal front, you are likely to spend quality time with your family.


You are advised to check papers thoroughly before signing any documents related to land work. Also do consult with a lawyer before taking any decision.


You are advised to bring some changes in your work pattern as it might result in success. You are advised to give a thorough thought before investing. Also, maintain cordial relations with your colleague.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv