New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Astrology offers us interesting and accurate insights. The movement of planets impact our lives in positive and negative ways. Predictions of zodiac signs help us make important decisions. By reading the forecast, you can make your daily plans successful. Read below to know what the stars have in store for you today:

Aries: Keep your emotions in check. You can support someone who is in need but keep yourself safe. The placement of five retrograde planets in your chart could lead to problems.

Taurus: Problems may come to an end. Self-confidence will increase. You will get support of the head of household or spiritual guru. Let go of any unnecessary fear.

Gemini: Trusting someone may be tough. Do not interfere in matters of others. The placement of Sun, Mercury and Venus could lead to problems. Efforts at work will be recognised.

Cancer: You will find unexpected success in the field of education. Efforts at work will pay off. Use modern technology with care.

Leo: Finances will improve. Avoid any unnecessary stress related to your children or education. Do not get out of the house until it is very important.

Virgo: Positive thoughts will increase your self-confidence. Creative efforts at work will flourish. Reading religious books will help you keep calm.

Libra: Long-pending tasks will come to an end. Your rival will be defeated. Personal happiness will increase. Put your mind in spiritual activities.

Scorpio: Counseling or co-operation from spouse or in-laws will boost confidence. Your positive attitude will help you achieve new level of consciousness.

Sagittarius: You will be able to conquer any disease or enemy. Ambitions and goals will be realised. Take steps for a successful future.

Capricorn: You will find success in the field of education. Family life will be fruitful. Finances will improve. Efforts at work will lead to success.

Aquarius: Financial stress and burden of responsibilities can distract the mind. Be patient in order to be successful.

Pisces: Family life will be fruitful. Desire for money may lead to stress. Avoid any mistakes that could prove to be harmful.

Posted By: James Kuanal