New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Know how your day will turn out to be by reading about your zodiac sign. Go through the horoscope below and plan your day accordingly. Also, don't forget to catch a glimpse of today's Panchang too. Scroll down to read more.

Today's Panchang

Day: Monday, Vaishakh month, Krishna Paksha, Saptami Rashifal.

Today's Rahu Kaal: 07:30 AM to 09:00 AM.

Today's direction: East.

Today's festival: Sheetla Saptami.


Aries: Proceed towards the responsibility of the child. There will be some success in the field of education also. Venus's change will improve the economic situation.

Taurus: Rahu, Mercury, Venus will give utmost closeness in personal relationships, yet the mind will be obsessed with unknown fear. The economic plan will get a boost. Creative efforts will flourish.

Gemini: Transition of Venus will irritate the child. More work will have to be done in the field of education competition. Can suffer from some family problem.

Cancer: The transformation of Venus will cause family problems. There will be obstruction in the field of work. Do not be indifferent to health. Avoid running around. Trying in the field of livelihood will lead to success.

Leo: Venus' change will give political success. The position will increase the prestige. Subordinate employee, brother or any relative will support. An important task will be fulfilled.

Virgo: Venus, Mercury and Rahu's combined problem will give way to a solution. Will be worried for children. Will get support and companionship of spouse

Libra: The combination of Venus, Mercury and Rahu is pure for health. Negligence can be excruciating. Do not take risks in business matters. Damage may occur.

Scorpio: The combination of Mercury, Venus and Rahu will participate in the Manglik or cultural festival. The opponent will be defeated. The economic side will be strong. You will get commercial success.

Sagittarius: The business will increase. The combination of Mercury, Venus and Rahu is not good for health. Worshiping Lord Shiva will be beneficial for you. There will be progress in the field of livelihood.

Capricorn: Work done with wisdom skills will be done. Rahu, Mercury and Venus pair will give commercial success. The labor done in the field of education competition will be worthwhile.

Aquarius: In the combination of Venus, Mercury and Rahu, a political person can get support. The economic side will be strong. There will be sweetness in the relationship. Gifts or honors will increase.

Pisces: The effort made will be meaningful. Friendship relations will be cordial. Family responsibilities will be fulfilled. The economic plan will come to fruition.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal